Alpha - what to do with my ISK?

Other than give it to you guys of course :laughing:

I don’t make very much yet… been dabbling in mining because I can sort of pick up my house and do chores while I mine but I would rather get into something a bit more interesting like PVE and PVP. Not sure what I can do as an alpha that’s lucrative or not I guess that’s not really the point of my thread here but what I would like to know is:

  • Are injectors worth the investment? Daily / Large Injectors?

  • Or is it better to just save my ISK and buy the ships as I can fly them.

Any other suggestions for how to spend my ISK? I’m only a few weeks into the game. Been looking at some of these Social skillbooks as well and I have noticed a couple of them are worth almost 40 even 50 million ISK where I live.

Isk is just a means to an end.

Basically, you can use it to invest in more efficient ways of making isk or spent it on disposable ships and go out and shoot stuff.

Do whatever you find enjoyable.

Personally, I wouldn’t spent isk on injectors unless I make enough isk that enough is lying around with no purpose. It’s always more important to figure out ways to have fun, than chasing that plex or skill injector grind.

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So what you propose is maybe like an ISK ceiling? Like if I had 100 million ISK and a week later I have 130 million ISK… might be worth buying an injector (Daily)

Go to jita
Double your isk


Yeah, basically. Once you figure out some activity you enjoy, then you’ll also figure out the approx. amount of isk you need to keep that activity going. Then you can spent the excess on skill injectors or whatever.

Basically the point is, you don’t want to become a drone with the single purpose of farming isk to plex your account. That is a sure way to quickly burn out on the game.

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Have you done the career Agent missions yet?

If not, give them a go as they will help you decide what sort of content you prefer to do, give you skills and some ships and then continue on from there.

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Yes miss. I have done the rookie ones such as the Military and Exploration and stuff (think there was 5 total?) and through the Agency Window I ended up a few jumps away doing some level one missions for a while. Just trying to figure it all out. Huge game

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Buy a bunch of 1 mil Geckos in Jita then sell them each for 80 mil. :wink:

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Okay, so that should give you an idea what you want to do - lets say PvE, which would mean security missions most likely.

Stick to one corporation so that you increase your standing which enables you to do higher level missions which are more interesting and generate much more isk

For better missions you need better ships, eg destroyer for level 2, cruiser (Gila ideally) for level 3 and battleship (I use a Rattlesnake) for 4’s. Have a look what skills you need to use and master the ship and it’s systems.

I would only recommend skill injectors once you have a clear idea of the skills you really want. How about going Omega for a month - you train skills twice as fast?

Yes, it is a very big game - best to walk before running

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I hope this isn’t too big of a question, but I’ve started doing level one security missions for Republic Fleet. Am I on the right track …? What am I asking lol :laughing: I’m sorry I just feel so lost in this game sometimes.

No, that’s fine - what ship are you flying - and what weapons are you using?

There is no “correct” progression as such, since the game is a sandbox. But to learn the basics then yeah, lvl 1 missions are a decent place to begin.

But basically just jump head first into whatever activity you find fancy. As long as you remember eve’s most important rule “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose”.

At the moment, a Venture. I also use a Slasher and it’s gotten me by so far. I have mastery I in all the tech 1 frigates for Minmatar and Gallente and I also have them for Caldari but I have to train Caldari Firgate still.

Edit: I am training Drones V … about halfway done. Kinda eyeing that Tristan as a good starting ship

I can’t afford anything, so I have nothin to lose anyway :laughing:

Well i’d stick to one racial ship as the skills transfer - eg Gallante gets you down the drone boat route, amarr lasers, caldari missiles, minmatar projectile turrets.

Tristan is probably most useful starter level frigate, get drone skills, do the missions by fighting at range until you get to Level 2 then go for an Algos etc

Hope that helps, there are lots of videos on youtube that give you ideas of how things work, and use eve-survival to look up the missions before starting. Oh, and try and avoid missions against other Empire nations as they will compromise your standing

Saw your edit - yes, go for the Tristan :grinning:

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Ahh yes, standings. Was trying to wrap my mind around all that the other night. Since you brought it up, if you don’t mind my asking… what do you get for getting your standings with an agent at maximum? Is it possible? I can show you which agent I pull missions from

Basically you need +1 for level 2 missions, +3 for level 3 and +5 for Level 4

Okay I get that but I mean with a singular agent, let’s say the relationship between me and her was 10.0


Nothing more I don’t think but I am not an expert. If it goes the other way too much it means NPCs and others may start shooting at you in hi-sec

You need to use the agent to get your Republic Fleet standing up which allows you to use higher Level RF agents etc

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Hey guys I thought about starting another thread but maybe instead I’ll just bump this one to tell a short story of a victory I had this morning…

I was probing down some cosmic signatures and practicing my scanning when I came across a Venture in a Data site. I was able to chase him away with my Warrior I’s and finish the site on his behalf. However, the guy didn’t leave right away so I had my gears turning like hmm how could I catch him… ?

I ran back home and fetched my trusty Slasher, changed out some parts and undocked.

I followed him one system over where I located him in an ice belt… I fired everything all the guns and the scrams :pirate_flag:

There laid his pod … I’M NOT DONE YET YARRRR

:skull: :skull_and_crossbones:


The best part about this is I don’t even have to buy my own gas harvesters now. I do plan on getting into that eventually but the book costs way more than I can afford. Thanks to the data site yielding 2m ISK (best return I’ve had so far on a site)

The new activity tracker thing lit up like a Christmas Tree too