Returning player few questions

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Hey i am a player returning after about 3 years and had a few questions.

  1. As a alpha player what are some ways i can earn some decent isk? mining still worth it?

Here is some other information. When i played before i was mining, and running a drug lab and some crafting of ships. I have two toons both over 7mil sp. One is my isk maker and the other is for blowing things up. Any advice is much appreciated.

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As an Alpha player you are limited to flying a Venture. You can do reasonably well mining gas. Alphas now have reasonable skills for ratting but no sentry drones. Most players start running level 4 missions with skills well below the Alpha cap.

CCP is on record that they want to encourage Alphas to participate in group activities so the skills available tend to discourage solo play. They also have very limited industrial skills.

If you have 5 million SP in Alpha skills, you will not get any free training and will need to use the Alpha injectors to increase your skill - it’s cheaper to subscribe.

(Ramadan-Steve) #3
  1. So many different ways that it’s not even worth starting to name them tbh, and they all depend on what your current skills are which I’ve no way of knowing. I’ve always really liked this chart though. You can do almost anything on there not tagged with the omega label.

An easy way to start is high sec missions, and see if that’s something you want to do long term.

  1. That’s a tough question because “worth it” has a different definition to every player. At alpha level I don’t think that you can fly mining barges or exhumers, or use strip miners, so it’s unlikely that you’ll make a lot of ISK from it. Not as mush as you will with mid-level PvE missions at least. But if it’s enjoyable to you, and that makes it worth it, go for it.

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  1. Buy PLEX with real money and sell it. Cause that should be the game, not work. If you asking for the game activity not for a fun but isk making reasons you lost the game. This game. Rather think, what will entertain you. For example for me security missions are way more interesting than repetitive shooting very same sleeper NPC. I will get 20-30% of ISK income per hour but get 1000 % more fun. But even security mission can become repeptitive and boring very soon. Luckily there is also FW, combat sig hunting etc… Do not focus on one activity, unless it is really entertaining for you.
  2. No. At least not at keyboard. CODE takes care about AFK miners but it can be fooled so you still get almost free minerals in high sec. But if you are at keyboard any other activity will give you more ISK and more fun. Unless you chat during mining, social aspect can trun that statement upside down, you know…

Free head start for new comers - 250 000 extra skill points

(Oskold Olgidar) #5

Thanks for all the tips, I’m just going to buy two Plex. Hate not being able to use all my skills.

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