Earning ISK

Hey! New alpha here. Could you guys please share some good ways to earn ISK(besides mining) effectively? I was thinking about doing exploration and combat sites but I’m not sure how lucrative or rewarding it can be. Maybe there are some better ways to get ISK that you guys can share? Thanks!!

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Both of those options you listed are great alternatives to mining.

I think the barrier of entry is lesser for exploration. I would get into a ship that can probe, scanning for cosmic signatures and finding yourself some relic sites. It gets to be quite lucrative in wormholes and nullsec and can be pretty exciting

Scamming people out of isk. Also a good way to earn isk, it can be highly rewarding but you can also go through long stints of nothing.

You might want to check out some of Dad Dex’s videos. He makes a lot more than Eve content, but his Eve stuff tends to focus on newbro friendly exploration.

you should not focus on earning isks, eve is not a job, you should focus on finding an activity that you find fun, and you will earn isks while having fun

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Join a corp, get outta Highsec.

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I highly recommend that people find an activity they enjoy that also earns ISK, as opposed to ‘grinding’ an activity they really don’t enjoy.

From day one I’ve done something industry related, as that what attracted me to EVE. Yes, that included mining, but also manufacturing and hauling.

I initially grew my fortune by purchasing ore and ice, hauling it away to be refined, and then hauling the minerals and such to market. Many consider it to be an activity less enjoyable than hitting oneself on the head with a brick, but for whatever inexplicable reason, I didn’t. Eventually I had an Orca, then a Charon freighter, then 4x Charon freighters.

I also enjoy building stuff and collecting BPO. It generally requires more investment to get started, both in materials and skills, but eventually became the generator of vast majority of my wealth (hundreds of billions).

For fun, not for profit, I do some things that other people only ‘grind’ or do for profit, like missions and exploration (I have an alt in Signal Cartel).

There are just so many ways to earn ISK in EVE, that I often thought that it was really hard not to earn ISK in EVE.

Your first job though should be trying a lot of different things to see what you enjoy doing. EVE is a game and not a second job!


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