Where to Invest 220+ Billion Isk?

Hello New Citizens Q&A!

I feel that the price of plex is always rising, and if you ever let a fat amount of pure isk sit in your wallet for months or years, you will lose net worth due to high inflation? So what are some cautious and safe ways to invest the isk to fight inflation and maybe make some decent returns?

I feel like cheap fitting mining in a frigate would make not much income, so I am hoping over 200 B can make okay decent income of building on itself?

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I thought you said you were giving up eating moldy rye bread?

One time I took a long break and bought a crap ton of tritanium, kept up with inflation and I think I actually made like 5% over that year.

You are ending each sentence with a question mark?

You already answered your question: PLEX prices always rise, so invest in PLEX.

Otherwise, for other things to invest in, the market has a HISTORY chart, look at that. Set it for the past year. You’ll see when the item you’re looking at goes up, or down, or oscillates.

Otherwise, if you want SPECIFIC detail, send me 50 billion and I will tell you. Such information is not free.

Oh, that’s easy: Go to Jita, make it double.

Can only imagine this post is trying to attract potential scam targets somehow. That or the OP has somehow managed to come across 200B without learning anything about the game…

This is definitely not the right forum area for a question like this.

Serious answer: buy sixty Dreadnought BPOs, research them and sell them.

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