Prices raise

If I raise prices 100% and lose 25% of my customers - I still make more money than before.

This is the core concept of why the market and plex interactions are getting so ludicrous. 300mil battleships and all that. Isk is worth less and also takes more time to make - as intended by those in control.

Your time creating meaningful content is kaputz with this kind of management - they want you to focus on grinding isk or paying for it first - then create your content. Gotta pay the troll toll to get in that hole.

It’s in the pudding and cannot be argued - they have very specific tools to know when to stop price gauging. Upper managements focus is finding those thresholds and constantly push them against you the player.

It could be different - but obviously it’s not.


I am not sure what the problem is? I am still playing 19 hours per day every day like the average player. Aren’t you?

Frigates are still 250k to 1m

Cruisers are still 6 to 10m

I dont see what you are talking about.

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Provably false. I can make more in an hour drawing shapes than anything I could have done two years ago. I can make more in many afk/semi afk activities than many of us ever dreamed possible when we first started playing.

As for ISK being worth less…

Maybe CCP could stop its RMT side hustle. That’s when the hyper-inflation started.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


That’s bait.

No one forcing you to buy a battleship.

It’s the goddamn goverment man. It’s always the government.


Only 19? lol - filthy casual scrub

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Sounds like they’re taking physical bathroom breaks, which haven’t really been part of the meta since 2006.

Nineteen hours? Those are rookie numbers. Gotta pump them up.

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In any case i had to report the OP.

That’s not how supply and demand work mate.

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