PLEX is now 2.1bil? Take PLEX OFF the market

Hey all,

I made a post recently about how to move my incursion ships to jita 4-4 so I could sell them to get omega.

I screwed up, big time, I should have checked PLEX prices first. 2.1bil? It was 1.1/1.2 when I left. I checked in with my old incursion running buddies, they are still making the same amount. They said there has been huge inflation because of a few super players that largely control the economy and are able to PLEX 8 - 20 accounts for in-game isk, some by botting. He said only a very small amount of players can keep up with the inflation rate. I don’t know the truth of this, but I do know this is disgraceful.

I am not going to sell every asset I have so some superpower with trillions of isk can play for free. And I feel like I’m getting screwed by having to save up and pay real money for a PLEX while some botter plays for free.

These people should not be able to control the PLEX economy like this, especially when so much wealth is concentrated in so few hands – and all those people isk-plex their account.

I’ve played Eve since '07 and this is the first time (and hopefully last time) I’ll ever say this.

This is absolutely shameful and needs to be remedied. A disgusting situation. Get your ■■■■ together CCP.


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