currently im considering to return to eve. took a look in some changes made.

what the hell happend to PLEX?
I might be off for a while but I still recognize a scammer when I see one.

and at this point it feels like ccp is trying to scam me.

considering im from the past I just need a quick rundown on how it worked out so far.

especially what the down sides are obviously the price increase is humongous.
I used to be self sustainable so this might be a issue for me.
is it still relative easy to isk buy your game time?

also a mod should move this to general discussion. I messed this up.

1 old PLEX = 500 NuPLEX ( think of it like 500 Aurum?)

PLEX was basically combined with Aurum (for a singular eve store currency)

some things I guess you missed are:
-character transfer using 2 PLEX (now 1,000 NuPLEX) requires submitting a support ticket and waiting
-multiple PLEX sinks exist now (no longer just for game time)
-injector (SP) farmers

I never liked farming for PLEX to subscribe, so I can’t comment on that

Read the dev blog, you can use Google can’t you?


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