NVM PLEX transfer is gone. Please delete

+5 Perception/Willpower implants
Clone with Low grade Nomad Alpha and EM-705 for align time
both in Jita

0.0 Security

Positive Isk



Sorry Folks! Just learned that PLEX transfers are no longer a thing. Sad times… Would have taken that too, but I don’t have 20 bucks.

Are u serious ? Link pls where u read that

It 1000plex normaly for a transfer


WoW. Do not understans why the did that. With 20 plexes CCP make more than 20 buks

I don’t get it either, but the transfer page says some nonsense about immersion and keeping credit card records attached to accounts.

Plex transfers would make scammers run rampart. Believe it or not, even though CCP would make more money from it it’s still better this way.

It was fine for years. Not sure what changed.

Too many people making new alpha accounts to train characters to have the minimum 5m SP for SP farms. Plus, since you start with 1m SP via friend link you only need to train up about 3.5m SP, with 1m unallocated. You could usually sell for 4b, after paying the 3b or so transfer fee of 1000 plex

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