I want purchase a one 5m char, only have 3.4b, because i only have one spce now in my omega accounts.

  • Dont mtter what skills. Cyber 4/5 desirable.

Only need a NICE NAME, because i go to send him/her contacts nd cant do it if is difficult find it, or a dumb name.

are you still looking? got 1

Yes, if u wait me 10 minutes i sent the isk,. ok ?

yeah I can wait for it tho

Ok is a dela, ten minutes… i am in a mission, byt switch characters when i can dock

tell me if you’re gonna send the isk and buy so I can leave it to corp, the corp has rules and they’ll know its not mine anymore and they’ll kick it

Ok, sent isk and account name one moment ago

yeah gfive me a sec, still leaving corp

ok, …

few jumps and back to high sec, and I just figured out how to transfer so

wait wtf character transfer needs to pay 20$? I didnt know that! I just left all things even the corp I’m in, it will take me 2weeks to rejoin the corp

yes, you mus pay, if u dont want do, refund me please.

Cam u please tell me why U omnly return 800m ?

u must return all, you are not alowed to do scam here.

please rsend me the 2.6 as soon as possible or transfer and i send you the 800m again.

They cant hep u, see the rules :slight_smile:

Edit: if u use the ISK in purchase plex, sell it an return me my money please.

aight sending back the isks, need to do it before DT , gotta do something first in rl its kinda emergency… no worries I’ll send it back

sending back

isks sent back

islk received

Thread Cancelled, i get another pilot in oher thread.

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