CCP Charachter Transfers

I have read a good few posts and it seems like ccp have not been transfering chars for last few days

Am i right …Has anybody had Chars Transfered?

have been waiting 3 days so far

Still waiting, 36 hours, or CCP don’t do their jobs, or i was scammed :smiley:

can take a week time i heard …

I’ve received 3 characters over the past few days. It does take a few days for them to get to it. Especially with it being the holidays, they are having an increased number of tickets.

Ditto, its been passed the 20 hour mark and I’m wondering when these will be addressed. Some effort to re-implement plex for transfers in the automated system should be made.

If you guys are using manual transfer, then yeah, its gonna take some time. CCP devs have to manually look over and transfer it.

If you dont want it to take so long, use automated transfer and pay CCP real money.

Hi, did u reiceve your character ? I still waiting , 3 days no answer, don’t know what to do.

I would recommend filing a support ticket under Billing & Account / Character Transfers if the character is not received via a PLEX transfer within 48 hours. Character transfers are given high priority; I’ve received PLEX transfers as fast as 90 minutes (!) and just about always within 24-48 hours, even during busy times.

Include character name, SP total, purchase price, your account expecting to receive the toon, the date and time of the purchase, and link to sales thread. Ask the GMs to assist the seller with completing the transfer, or refund the purchase price.

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I’m still waiting as well, its been 5 days. Has anyone who has been a part of a transfer via plex had success yet over the past week?

I think CCP or ISD only reply to thread if this thread is on reddit, sad.

Isd cant do anything about this. They are player volunteers.

Why i as a buyer can not pay the transfer of character if the seller can not afford it, why this option is not yet implemented.I lost my vacation that was planned for the EVE for petition and scam on forum. Thanks CCP

i got my isk back from the transfer eventually…and i think there was some eula problem with the char i had sent isk to…

prob he was just a scammer, who knows

well here we go again…

there has to be something put in place to protect purchases on the bazaar…any ideas ?

i realise that the char could be in ccps hands but a fast transfer was agreed…

I think need third party from CCP side, and lock character Extraction and Transfer when it is on Charazter Bazaar.

My transfer took like 6h so dunno

i dont mind if it took a week if i had some sort of notification the process has started

I lost 4 days waiting character transfer, now i lost another 4 days to waiting GM answer to petition (still not have the answer). I like Customer Support.

I’m on the same boat, it’s been 6+ days now and my own ticket has been left open for 4 days with no response.

In the meantime I’ve had 2 tickets be addressed by a gm regarding game time. What the heck is going on?

i’m having the same troubles. hopefully this will be sorted out soon