SOLD - to an impatient person that wants ccp to refund his isk and him keep the character

16,885,055 sp
0 isk in wallet
0 kill rights
located in highsec
1/3 jump clones (with +4’s also in highsec)
Currently with +4 implants
Positive zkill

Worth 17b, asking for 12b or best offer if bought in next 24 hours!

required mail sent to corp, waiting for server to update in npc corp

24 hour sale - 17b character for 14b!

offer 10 billion

If you jump it up to 13b it’s a deal

I’d even take 12b. That’s pretty cheap for the sp involved.

cant offer anymore, sorry,

Ok, I’ll keep you in mind if I don’t get a better offer soon. Thanks!

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I’ll start the transfer upon isk and account name sent. 10b

evemail with account and isk sent, thanks

please reply to ingame mail. if not i will need to contact support to refund my isk.

Balor Fomorian has threatened me with support tickets to get both the character and isk because it is taking time for CCP to answer a support ticket to transfer with plex.
He is by far the worst experience i’ve had in the dozens of character sales i’ve performed over the last year.
I will never do business with him again. His impatience and attitude are ridiculous.

the ticket is in sir, you refused contact and gave no reference that the transfer was underway. a support ticket is in. i have sent all mails to ccp, let them see my “threats”. this thread is also linked in the ticked and they can decide on it all, have a good day

I told you beforehand that If ccp didnt respond quick enough I would pay in cash. You are impatient and rude. Good luck with the week plus for them responding.

you “lost” my account details and ignored all further emails. they will respond and i will get my isk returned. I would advise you in future to reply to mail in a timely fashion and not take isk and refuse to reply. I sent multiple mails and also posts here. Your problem not mine to be honest. As i said CCP will see all details and can decide.

As I told you, while clearing out my previous mails and notifications, which you have no right to, I deleted your account name. I asked for you to resend it, and when you did I put it in the ticket.
I don’t make a habit of checking the character I’m selling every few minutes waiting for your eve mail. I will advise you in the future to have some patience, as CCP has a lot they are dealing with and it takes them a week plus to respond.
I did not refuse to reply, I simply didn’t log into the character while it is waiting to be transferred.
As for calling my honesty into question, you will have to answer to CCP GM’s about your ridiculous expectation and actions.
They, and you are well aware that I sent you notification that the transfer depends on CCP responding to the ticket quickly. Again, that is not my fault as I did not do the DDOS attacks, nor did I send in the thousands of tickets they have to work through.
I have a job. I have to go to work for long periods of time in order to make money. It’s crazy, I know.
I do not have the ability to check the forums, or my character while at work. Some might call it responsibility. You, apparently, call that dishonesty. That is a real shame.
You’re already getting a 17b character for 10b, and you want to insult my integrity. I regret doing any business with you.
Obviously you are new to eve, and you wont last long. Patience is the most important thing you can have in this game. That also translates into real life. If you conduct business this way when trying to buy a house, for example, you’ll lose your contract.

As my original mail said, if CCP didn’t respond quickly enough, I would pay cash for the transfer. I am extremely hesitant to do that now, as you’ve shown a complete disregard for the rules of the character bazaar, and you’ve insulted me.
I am not required to hold your hand through the transfer process.

show me where i “you’ve shown a complete disregard for the rules of the character bazaar” and you have still provided ZERO proof you even attempted to transfer anything, you took the isk and went radio silent, your problem not mine. you are required to give details of the transfer which you did not, did you send a ticket reference? is there even one? rectify the issue and i will withdraw the ticket or dont, its your own choice and ccp can fix it, i dont care but this is your own doing not mine,

where have i stated i wanted the character and isk??? you sir are a liar! simple!

“All character transfers have a 10 hour waiting period for security reasons.”
" Please also be acutely aware that scamming using character sales is a violation of the EVE Online EULA, and any individuals found to be involved in character sales scams will be permanently banned from EVE Online across all their accounts with no recourse."

At the very least, you failed to read that it would take time. You jumped to insults and accusations instead of letting the process happen. You’re demanding your isk back with a character transfer pending, which is fraud.
I told you before I even made the ticket that I was making one, and that if CCP didn’t respond quickly I would pay cash. You either have horrible reading retention, or you disregarded important information.
I did not force you to make a fraudulent ticket. That is actually your doing. You were informed going forward what I was doing, and what I would do if it took too long. That is a guarantee that hardly anyone on the bazaar gives.
Of course I took the isk and went offline. I am not required to remain online while a character transfer is pending. Again, it takes CCP over a week to respond to said tickets. That is yet another ridiculous expectation.
Just for perfect clarification, you CAN’T remain online when initiating a character transfer. The system does not allow for it.

“Agreements on the forums or in game, or winning an auction does not guarantee a character will be transferred to you. The seller may choose to renege on a deal at any time, prior to the transaction being completed.”

I am seriously considering reversing this transaction with you.

Considering the character is on a current 10 hour waiting time for the transfer, demanding the isk back when you’re already getting the character constitutes fraud.