Character has been Sold


(Michael Jew) #1


Im for Sale.

Password : 1234

Positive wallet
No killright for sale
Sec status : 0.0
2 remaps available

Still Omega For a few days
Nice Killboard.

B/O : 22B
Start Bidding.

(TxivYawg1) #2

16 bil

(Absolute Truth) #3

edit: offer withdrawn

(Michael Jew) #4

To the top !

(Michael Jew) #5

Bump !

(Absolute Truth) #6

edit: offer withdrawn

(Michael Jew) #7

Bump !

(Michael Jew) #8

to the top !

(Michael Jew) #9

Bump ! , B/O lowered !

(May Mon) #10


(Michael Jew) #11

Sold !

(May Mon) #12

isk and account info sent.

(Michael Jew) #14

Character is sold , But not to you. I didn’t even agree with Your bid. @May_Mon

(May Mon) #15

My bad. You never said it was sold to a different offer so I assumed to me. Am I going to have to contact CCP to recover the isk or do you still have control?

(Michael Jew) #16

I have control , Sending ISK back.

(Michael Jew) #17

Isk Has been sent Back .

(May Mon) #18

isk received thank you.

(Salvatore Inkura) #19

I must say this was a lie… i purchased the character and it happens to have 64 Killrights on him…

WTB ISD/GM or whoever has a say on this to verify and define procedure to follow

Sorry but im not gonna wait 20+ days for them to dissapear…

Unless i get a monetary compensation from seller of at least worth the time imma have to wait out (1 month of plex)

(ISD Sakimura) #20

All Character sales must abide by the Rules here. In accordance with the rules all Kill Rights against the character being sold must be disclosed. If this is indeed the case Buyer are within his/her rights to demand compensation or if no agreement can be reached between the two involved parties, then the Sale may have to be reversed.

I suggest you discuss the option for compensation or if not then a support ticket may be the only way to resolve the issue (may even be classified as a Character Scam).

(Zorin Firestone) #22

Convo Me ingame .