Character transfer - Plex not available anymore?

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I’ve just returned to eve after about 2 years and I’d like to sell this toon on the character bazaar in order to make some extra isk to plex my main and get myself new ships for pvp/pve. Logged into my account and noticed there’s only a $20 option for character transfer. Back in the days you had the option to pay with 2 PLEXes (I’m aware of the plex change). I’ve seen some posts that are 4-5 months old claiming the PLEX option is not available anymore due to some technical reasons. Have it ever been fixed ?

If so, what exactly do I have to do in order to pay the character transfers with PLEXes ?

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Contact customer support.

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You can petition to a GM to do a character transfer, they will ask 500 Plex to do it per character

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Thanks for answers

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It’s 1000 plex, same as the old 2 plex policy. Updated to nuPlex amounts

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Oh yeah, yesterday didn’t paid attention, the GM had told me that if it’s from Steam to other EvE accounts its 500 since the service is not available, for manual transfers with regular accounts its 1000

Cause I did some transfers from Steam to EvE accounts, was a bit foggy on what he had told me

Thanks for pointing it out!

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NP, didn’t want the OP to get confused. Honestly had me thinking a bit too, had to go back and check some things :smiley:

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