Character Transfer/Selling Cost

From what i hear, you can pay the Transfer fee with Plex?
I would just like to confirm if this is still true and what is the exact number of plex to complete a transaction.
Thank you in advance.

As far as I am aware the option to pay with plex was removed with the plex update.

It’s now cash only I’m afraid, because ‘security reasons’.

You need to file a petition to transfer a character , it cost 1000plex and has to be in your plexvault.

What he said. The option to use plex was removed a long time ago now.


as far as i know it is possile to pay with plex but you have to fill a support ticket
plex has to be in your plex vault

i am not sure if Falcon wrote that in a thread or one of the ISDs
and i dont know if it is 500 plex … 1000 plex or 10.000.000 plex

EDIT: Help regarding character transfer


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Thank you that cleared up a lot! Should close this thread.

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Used to be the case, 2 PLEX or Cash. Now there is only cash.

Its obviously an EA-esque gimmick moneygrab.

You are only presented with way to use cash money dollars to do trade after they took away plex option.

Or you can just use cash money to buy skill injectors and make new toon.

They then hide the plex trade option and force you to submit ticket request and wait for reply if you don’t want to swipe your credit card.


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It was a small secret that you could do a transfer via a support ticket. But it is 1000 PLEX now.

Ha, news to me thanx for the update.

No its $20 or nothing now. and 2 PLEX was when 1 PLEX was 30 day sub.

Check the available options in the Support section :slight_smile:

1K PLEX, Customer Support processes transfer.

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