Plex for Transfer Payment possible?

Hello short Question,

did CCP removed the possibility to pay Chartransfer for Plex ? Can´t find anything about it in Google.

It doesn’t work automatically out of Account Management, yes.
But you can put 1000 plex into plex vault, raise a customer support ticket and they will move the character for you old way (removing 1000 plex from plex vault as a transfer fee).


Ill like to ask something about this. once ticket is made and transfer begun how does the receiving end know the transfer is underway?

In theory, the buyer should receive a letter to email

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When a character is transferred by PLEX through a support ticket, there is no confirming email sent by CCP. Seller will often update with a post indicating that the transfer has been requested. Buyer should check the account expecting to receive the character frequently until he/she arrives.

What does it cost in plex to transfer ?

hey friend. thanks for the answer once again… Sup it cost a 1000 plex