Returning after 4 yrs

Hi all, o7

I left for family reasons a while back. I noticed graphics have improved a lot, forums changed and Plex seems super cheap now.

I remembered how to Dock and how not to auto pilot, that seems about it lol.

Any big changes to be aware of? Are things like ISK Vol 1 & 2 still relevant? Suggestions for safely starting over so I don’t lose my pants right out of the door? Eve Mon, Eve Skill tracker, or Isk Per Hour still up to date or relevant?


Torfi left CCP, so the Door is closed. As for pants, we’re naked in our capsules … just saying.

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Plex is super expensive now.

500 nuPLEX = 1 old plex, they made plex to be more granular so that they can sell smaller amounts, and so that you can use it in the store easier.

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Eew, Guess that means more market labor to maximize price then too… x 500. I guess that’s to make it easier to buy stuff to look at in the Capt’s cabin with the door to nowhere?

Captains quarters are gone - legacy code no one was using. Lots of changes documented here:

Opiate economics. It’s a new EVE.

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Nonono, its not 500x more expensive.

1 nuPLEX = ~3,343,000 ISK
1 oldPLEX = 500 nuPLEX
500 nuPLEX = 1.67bil ISK

When I said that it was super expensive, I was referring to the natural inflation of the PLEX market.

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You will need 500 Plex for 30 days playing time. This will cost you about 1.700.000.000 ISK. I think you wil have to do a lot of mining to earn that much. I also just came back after several years but I dont think I will stay long paying for a omega clone.

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