Returning Player with a few questions

I have not played since 2015, so i am a bit lost with everything.

This Character was my first but my Corp gave me a Black Ops Pilot that i later returned when my activity dropped.

I was pretty experienced back then but i have lost a load of how the game is played. Not to mention things just seem a bit wierd right now.

  • What is up with Plex? Back then a Plex would give me a 30 day extention but now it seems i need like 500 Plex to do that. It sort of blows that i cannot use my Stealth Bomber Right now.

  • Most of my assets were on my BLOPS pilot. Since i no longer have said Pilot what is a good way to make some isk right now for… noobs.

  • Any “major” changes to the game since 2015? I know that is sort of a hard question but more or less i am looking for massives changes to the game i should know about not content additions.

IDK and i guess hello :stuck_out_tongue:

1 old PLEX = 500 new PLEX

it works in the exact same way as it did before, the only change was that CCP divided plex into smaller chunks so low level players could buy a couple of PLEX per day and work towards collecting the 500 PLEX necessary to subscribe. rather than just stockpiling a ton of ISK in their wallets (that they couldn’t use because they were saving it for PLEX), which felt bad.

Join a nullsec alliance, run sites.

Citadels, Carriers use fighters instead of drones, some ore re-distribution, higher market order modification fees, the rest is basically the same.

Welcome back.

All the changes since 2014 can be found at

If you can’t use your bomber it likely means you’re in Alpha state - T2 ships and most industry is behind the paywall.

The PLEX change allowed CCP to get rid of Aurum - PLEX is now the currency used in the New Eden Store.

Guides to get you started (Nullsec focus):

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  • Skill Injectors
  • Citadels (have mostly replaced POS’s and added new functionality)
  • Grid sizes were massively increased
  • Off grid boosting was removed
  • Command Destroyers
  • Triage Carriers became Force Auxiliaries.
  • T3’s had a subsystem removed. They’re no longer OP.
  • Cruisers through battleships got a bonus to warp speed
  • An overbuffed rorqual caused T1 ship prices to drop and capital proliferation
  • A rorqual nerf and Resource Scarcity has caused T1 ship prices to bounce back up
  • Broker relist fees are no longer trivial. This has killed the .01 isk war.
  • Frigate Escape bays for battleships.
  • The Abyss is a new type of PvE content
  • Resource Wars sucks balls. Rewards suck, and it has seemingly been abandoned.
  • The Agency is intended to help players find content.
  • Triglavian Invasions came and went.
  • Blackout (local in null worked like in WH’s) came and went
  • Live events became common, went to ■■■■, and then became rare
  • Serenity shut down, and a lot of Chinese players came to TQ. Serenity has started back up, but a lot of Chinese players still play on TQ.
  • We now have Pochven (Triglavian Space). People are still trying to figure it out.
  • Triglavian ships are the new hotness.
  • Edencom ships are dissapointing.
  • A billion balance changes
  • Abyssal Proving Grounds - Arena Style PvP
  • Some FW changes (suspect flag for taking plex gates while not in FW, LP changes, can no longer gate slide)
  • Eve Echoes is a mobile game based on Eve developed by Netease. I’ve heard good things, and it’s apparently doing well. Might be worth checking out if you game on mobile.
  • Triglavians can make travel difficult. You might want to set autopilot to avoid Trig minor victory systems.
  • !!!Surgical Strike update lowered resists and increased the damage of short range ammo. Old fits may no longer work!!!
  • !!!Forsaken Fortress has removed asset safety for citadels that haven’t been fueled for more than a week. Don’t leave your ■■■■ in a citadel if you go on break again. Move it to an NPC station, or manually trigger asset safety!!!

Meh, there’s a ton of stuff, but this should include the most important things. Past that, and you might as well start going through Eve Updates.


Extremely helpful guys, I’m in to OPs same position and this helped get me jump started in my brush up. Almost exactly the same amount of time I haven’t played lol.

Good summary @Shipwreck_Jones and thanks. I was last active in 2011 (4 year character at the time), and subbed a few times after that but never got back into it. Maybe this time :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m coming back after 11 years… learning from scratch. Apparently I still have 8bn in assests, no idea where I am atm some Trig owned station I think. Saddened to see that 11 years later, you still can’t rename a character.

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