Help me return to the game and not rage quit in two days

Soooo what’s up guys.
I’ll be going back into EVE after a 9-year absence (whew, that time did fly by…) I know the universe has changed A LOT since then. I have 23M SP and 650M ISK. Considering how much plex should cost now that’s probably peanuts.

But I’m looking into maybe starting anew. My main skills are missiles, armor and shields (because of course I’m a Caldari pilot).

What do you recommend I do to get back into the game?
I’m looking at playing maybe 10h a week. And my main concern is making ISK.

No, I will not join the Imperium.

Please, write away…

Join Safety.



If you want to make some isk so you can invest in doing misssions, industry, or whatnot I’d let a returning player come scout for us for a few fleets: Making Isk: Scout for Eve Rookies Incursions - Eve Rookies

I pay 5m per site we finish and the fleet tips well. I have a rookie that just skilled into his Praxis that made so much isk with us that he bought a vindi AND the skill injectors to fly it. ;-D

It’s obviously not “traditional” game play since you’re not shooting anything but it’s a valid in game job and a pretty important part of my incursion fleet. Plus, we’re fun people to hang with.


Do not come back. CCP decided to run so called “starving” policy, so it is much harder to get ISK now and every reasonable PVE tool is very expensive to build. Of cause if you are looking to play the game and not to get yourself very low rewarding second job - come back and do what is most fun to you. Just forget about ISK. CCP obviosely plan to close project for a good and just forces players buy PLEX for real money as the last reasonable ISK source.

Please be aware, that due to absolutely stupid decision, mentioned above, fair PvP is also becomming very rare. People do not want to risk ships, that are much harder to come by. Even if you find someone worth fighting, he will most probably run away. So PvP is dying, PvE is runned out of a custom (you will be penalised for doing it too often in your own null via Bounty Risk Modifier )… Current decline in players number just make it clear.

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They manage highsec ganking. It is good money, which you care about, and it is the funnest thing in New Eden.

Hence why i have started Playing Perpetuum Online. Its free to play and you cant pay to play.

For now.

Well, what you did before the absence? And are you still interested in it?

The game change quite a lot but some things are pretty much the same. You may be surprised to find out that something you liked back then is still enjoyable.

You are quite the drama queen aren’t you?

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