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So a good Eve online rep restored my account that I lost almost a decade ago. All I remember was that i took months to finally get my retriever ship and got killed and also my pod blown to bits and lost my implants I think. I really want to get back into playing eve online because of the lack of deep scifi mmos out there, but I do not know where to start. I initially thought I got killed in high sec but after they restored my account it seems i was in low sec? so I can’t complain much. Are there any tips or tutorials I can read? Right now it says im worth 126 million isk and have items stored in different areas. I have forgotten so much. All I want to learn is how to survive, and not to lose so much if I do indeed get killed again, which I can accept now being part of the game. I’m in a pod right now, where would i go from here? I don’t mind spending some money getting back into this, but like I said, it’s almost been ten years. Any suggestions i’d appreciate. thank you

Just as it was a decade ago, the answer is usually ‘it depends’. :grinning:

To start, I might suggest that you park your main character for a while and either start a new alpha account or a new character on your main account. Do the new tutorial, then the career agents and then the Sisters of EvE epic arc as if you were a new player to the game. This will familiarise you with any new game mechanics and earn you about 20m isk plus some decent standings. It might also help you decide what you would like to do in game as a career. You can discard this character or use it as an alt later on.

If you already know what you like to do, and want to see if it is still viable or fun, it would help us if you noted your main character’s skill points and what that thing is. There are many directions to take in the sandbox, and all we can do is give you pointers from our experience. (For example, I’m a dictor pilot and scout in one of the huge nullsec alliances, so I can’t give you any useful insight into high sec, mining or industry and so forth).

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So much has changed since then.

I agree with @Haru_kai_Vidaraltyr, defiantly make a new character and roll thru the tutorials and initial content. Should help you get your bearings and then you’ll likely have more questions :slight_smile: or maybe have sorted things out. Either way, welcome back.

Join a corp. You will find mates, objectives, help, friends, tasks to do etc…

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