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So I´m returning after a 4 years break that I taught would be my last time playing eve but man Im so sick of ESO or FFXIV even if they are good mmos but yeah I need something other than fantasy. So because I was so sick of eve I never wanted to return I was stupid made an account deletion request but when burnt out you never think of want to return. Anway I have 2 charters one with 1.4mill sp and one with 4.4mill sp and a budget of 70mill isk.

What are you recommendations for something to do for an hour or 3 to make few million isk ? Im in no hurry to get rich or so just want to enjoy my self. So should I do some dead sites or is there anything new I can do ?

I heard people say try out abyssal or does new conduits but what I gathered you need some stupid expensive ships and fit´s. Some people said train for a Gila and such but that is not in the budget of 70mill. Sure I can fly a Gila with my 4.4mill sp charter.

Any tips that is not do l3 missions or scanning because every one and their mother is doing that.

could I do null ratting maybe with a BC ship maybe ? Or maybe C2 wormhole ?

Have you tried to create a support ticket and ask if it is possible to recover that account? There is a possibility they might restore it from an old backup. GDPR wasnt a thing 4 years ago.

yeah I did and they told be to contact their data recovery team which I did but have not heard anything from them.

with a 70M budget?
explo (low, null, whs c1-3 to get the thrill of danger)

yeah I could do that but man I rely hate explo I always have bad luck when I played 4 years ago I spent 2 month doing explo made a total of 300mill in 2 month time 90% of the time I got ■■■■

then you were doing it wrong.
But you have to do things you find fun, and don’t “hate”. Eve is a game, not a job. So if you dislike explo, try anythg else. Abyssal sites with 3 frigs (with two friends) are fun and not so hard if you do t2 t3s.

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That I can try thanks

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