Advice for a potential returning player

Hey all,

I’ve been away from Eve for about 4 years now and I’m thinking about returning.

During that time I haven’t really kept track of all the changes so Im unsure of many things.

What I do know is that I have no interest in going back to Null Sec.

Null Sec was the reason why I quit. EVE stopped becoming fun and turn into a full time job. Having to turn up for fleets at ungodly hours otherwise you run the risk of being kicked, ship spinng for hours on end, constant pings, Urgh no thanks.

Now I have many accounts with many characters built up over 5 years of playing Eve.

I don’t want run that many accounts, just 1 or 2.

Can you still sell characters? I’ve read that you can now strip their skill points and sell them or something…

Is it possible to strip their skill points and start over again?

What is the state of play in low sec these days? How is FW doing?

Basically how is Eve generally doing these days?

Yes. You pay $20 and get ISK in return

Yes but it also costs ISK to buy the item needed to strip said SP

Not really as you can only strip a character to about 5M SP.

IMO it’s the best place to live BUT it’s just full of tryhards roaming or gate camping. If you can find a nice quiet area then it’s great.

How is FW doing?

IMO it’s a broken mess just used to farm LP/ISK.

Great for the PvE crowd but stale and stagnant for the PvP, indi and traders (IMO). The markets are flooded with ore so things are super cheap…which is not really a good thing. T1 BS’s for example are nearing half the value they used to be.

Technically EVE is more stable and beautify than ever…but I think most would say that the easy button has been put in too many areas and the edge of the game somewhat removed. But this is HIGHLY subjective so…

IMO, Start 100% fresh in LS with a long-term primary goal and 2-3 secondary goals that will help achieve your primary…that is the best way to play IMO.

Welcome back and GL!


Oh heya! I remember you! Welcome back!

You can strip the skillpoints out of your characters (you have to buy skill extractors to do that then they become skill injectors once they’re full) but you can only extract a character down to 5 million skillpoints. Than as you inject skillpoints into a clone you’ll get diminishing returns when you reach certain amounts of skillpoints in a character. So you lose some skillpoints building a new character that way. For a fresh start, though, it might be worth it.

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Fw is still the most fun per isk a truly solo pilot can have in the game.
More 1v1 action than anywhere else.
You will also encounter blobs, gatecamps, and smart bombers though. Especially around tama.
There are null alliances that do not require fleet participation. Might look into that then have your cake and eat it too.

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Do your own homework miner.

Others have answered your questions about character selling (checkout the ‘character bazaar’ section of the forums) and using skill extractors, but I play a lot of FW so thought I’d give my experience on that.

There is a lot of farming going on in FW. It’s meant to be a way for people to find small ship battles (frigate v. frigate) but you’ll find most people will warp out of complexes instead of staying to fight. Not all are bots. I do it myself. Capturing a plex can net you tens of thousands of LP which translates into tens of millions of ISK. Fighting gets you very little.

Most fights I’ve gotten into have been with my corp. We’ll plex a system together and when a nice target pops by we’ll put the plexing on hold and see if we can get a nice killmail. Other times we’ll get into a fleet and just run into enemy territory for fun. Usually everyone loses their ships but it breaks up the monotony. Plexing is a bit boring alone seeing as its literally just sitting still watching a timer tick down. More fun to do it sitting in a fleet chatting with corpmates.

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my advce
Dont return

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I’m not going to.
Since my original post I’ve been logging onto all my characters to see what is where.

I had 2 characters stuck in the middle of delve. So I decided to sod it and fire sale everything I had and fly them back to HS in their pods.

I fully expected to be podded at some point because how can somebody fly from the ass end of delve all the way to HS in a pod.

Not only did I make it with both characters but I barely saw anybody. There was no close calls, no gate camps, nothing.

There was apparently just over 20k online, all can I say is that they weren’t in Delve or any other of the 20 odd null / LS systems I flew through.

I flown from one end of Eve to other selling off all my assets with the intention to start fresh but after seeing it so empty and witnessing the depressing amount of bots there is no way I’m going to waste my time.

Also no you can’t have my stuff, it’s all been sold and I’ve already promised somebody else all the ISK and plex I have left.

It’s such a shame, the potential this game had…


Good riddance.

WB Prince Kobol, I remember you from the old pre-reddit forum days. And you gave my alt Telegram Sam 1 bil for prizes for his Eve fiction contest. :+1: Hope you enjoy back in Eve.

He’s already decided to leave… :frowning:

LOL Too bad, he was a good forums warrior. I don’t know that a trip through Delve to HS is giving the game a full fair shake, though. Things change in nullsec space. That’s the whole point. As for the bots, maybe the current glitch with chat? I don’t know, my chat works fine, so I haven’t been following.

Cool story bro…total BS but hey, enjoy Minecraft!

Then why are you here? Nullsec is Eve. Please don’t post silly questions.

Don’t blame null for your lack of game prowess. You’re either good at it or you aren’t. Clearly you are the latter.

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You’re posting wrong advice.

Eve isn’t meant to be quiet you stupid troll.

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My advice is to not be a sideline ho

If you’re gonna stay, stay

If you’re gonna leave then leave

Why wait around for the guy if he don’t love you and he treats you like a ho

Which reminds me:

When you called his phone
Did he pick it up?

No. Because we was makin love.

Ain’t you tired of bein a side piece?

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I applaud you for your bravery. Eve is a terrible game and you’ll be happier without it.

Btw those 20k players you saw as logged on is more like 5k using alts.

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I just came back as well after 4 years.
Tried FW but failed (not many fleets around like there used to be, with public channels and random leaders - that was great).
Tried LS but was just too organized or smashed by high skill professional pvpers to face casually.
Joined a 0.0 alliance and…well, that’s good. I got all the freedom I want, can join fleets if you want, stay away from if you don’t or want to solo somewhere. Fleets are fun and there is quite good content. I participated in the last week to some great great fights. Capitals, small gangs, blob vs blob, 10vs10,… Everything. I strongly suggest you to do the same. It feels good enough to enjoy my time there.

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