Considering to come back to EVE

Hey all,

Just a bit of a preface: I’ve played from 2005 till 2012 and mostly did small gang pvp combined with various forms of income but mostly non-grindy ones. I quit because CCP had pissed me off enough at that point (Incarnage et all), because most types of pvp escalated into massive fleets & blobs and also because RL had become more busy.

Now that I have more time I tried various other MMO while very actively NOT looking at EVE but lets be honest here: EVE is where it’s at if you want a competitive sandbox so here I am again.

I have a few questions:

  • given that I haven’t played since 2012 how much has the game changed in terms of mechanics and all that? Can I still build upon what I know from back then or should I start from scratch?

  • how healthy is the small pvp community and small gang pvp landscape, is it still viable? Has it changed?

  • old school piracy, is THAT still viable or would I just look like an old fool clinging to days long gone?

  • given that small gang pvp (and possibly piracy) is still viable, what kind of ship types, roles or play styles work for this? Back then I just nuked everything down with a Cane and if it needed more nuking I’d get a torp Typhoon.

  • what kind of pve play style would support a semi nomadic pvp/combat player who’s willing and wanting to put in effort?

I’ve not committed just yet and am desperately trying to come up with reasons why I shouldn’t come back to the fold but it gets more and more difficult every day :slight_smile:


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Come back.

Much has changed, but there is a place for you if you adapt to the way it is now and don’t let ccp upset you.

Piracy as it was then is pretty much gone.

If you focus on the problems of EvE and want things to be as they once were you are very likely to be upset…if you focus on what is and how you can enjoy the game you’ll be alright.

The fundamental concept remains the same, but there have been a lot of significant changes and additions. You’ll have to do some reading, there is no way around that:

You can certainly build upon what you know, but you better don’t assume anything in particular works the same way as it did before. I mean, it’s not that everything has changed, but the number of changes and additions and the significance of some of them is big enough that you better be ready to deal with some surprises if don’t do some reading before undocking.


Ok so tread cautiously, assume nothing. Thank you.

I decided to let my old accounts sit for a bit and just do a fresh start to get used to it all again, remaining alpha in the mean time.

Right. Also check each of your fits before using them. The slot layout, the fitting capabilities or the ship bonuses may have changed. All resist mods were nerfed recently, for example.

And the same for any ship you want to engage, not to mention powerful new ships that you never saw before and know nothing about, etc.


Yeah that’s another reason I’m starting new for now, to avoid such embarrassing issues on my old chars. Besides that most of their ships are omega only anyway.

You came back just in time for realease of new weapon system and ship line XD

Make Zorya proud and turn hisec into nullsec :smiley:

I had a look into the Triglavian stuff but frankly it doesn’t feel EVE…ish, if that’s even a word. I’m a traditionalist so probably not going to bother :slight_smile:

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