Old pirate considering return

Hello EVE Forum.

I played from beta/launch until around the end of August 2008. Thinking of possibly trying the game out again now, but obviously almost everything has changed since I used to play.

What’s the state of piracy and PVP in general now?

Any good corps around that might want to spend the time to bring an old timer back up to speed again? Ikvar is a ~50m SP PVP focused character, but obviously the skillset he has is from the mid 00’s.

Any oldbies still around that I might remember or remember me?

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Picture for you and if you wish I can sign it.

I just returned in full myself, having fun honestly. Go for it and come hang out some time. A ton has changed.


Stick with alpha for a month to help catch up/adjust. :wink:

Ikvar you old bugger welcome back (Kaleeb) here if you remember me from Shadow Squadron and GUC.

The game has changed massively and pirating as we knew it from back in the day doesn’t really exist anymore. Still the game has some good content, pm me your discord ID if you want and we can have a chat and I’ll bring you up to speed.


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What’s up man, Of course I remember you!

I’ll DM you now.

There is a lot of grazing prey in the fields. Most even are so willfully blinded and deafened that they think NPC atttacks are dangerous. Please PLEASE enjoy them.

They can be, depends how sneaky you are with the mechanics. If the circumstances are right and you know the triggers, it’s always amusing to drop a hostile spawn on someone.

Caught a few ninja looters with that one; one guy was like gg, another was like game on and we played cat and mouse for a week or two in a level 4 mission hub; 'twas fun, we had a laugh and still chat on the rare occasion both of us are online.

@Don_Purple, welcome back mate. :smiley:

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We can’t tank CONCORD anymore, and it’s a dangerous gray area to get people to sing in coms as ransom And a shitload of other things.

Did you return to the game?

Regular rats, not triglave or special, regularly disrupt and kill pi haulers etc. who don’t have a basic mwd+cloak or at least 1 stab. Frikking hilarious.

bad time to start because of the 2v2 stuff, everyone is focused on that.
how-ever, come join Get A Life, look up the corp and you’ll find link to the pub channel, I’m not a recruiter just saw your post… I think we’ll start being more active next week

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