My Return to Piracy


I have committed myself to give piracy one last shot. I was having a very hard time trying to fly in one of the bigger FW campaigns and unfortunately, it just was not working and the content was no where near what I am used to in terms of my old roots in piracy. Therefore, I am on a new mission to help bring back the dying art and try to see if this can work as it has many years ago.

Today, I am pleased to announce the birth of a new pirate outfit - R E L L I K


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Whyd you make 2 of the same thread?

Just curious here Solonius, you actually play Eve? Or are your all troll?

I will 1v1 you anywhere anytime.

Alright so about 95% troll. Cool, carry on.

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So I ask the original poster why he created 2 identical threads, because he did, and somehow that makes me a troll.

Do you call the grandmother who asks how to open a web browser to email her grandson, a troll as well?

I see you on ALL KINDS of threads on here trollin away.

Made one for role-play and the other not. As you’re likely new to EVE and the forums, this was the approach back in 2004-2006 to do with pirate outfits that were engaging in both RP and crime. Same would be true for both crime and the corp/alliance chat. VETO for example, would do this a lot to keep two separate discussions for both those who wanted to RP with the pirate corp and those like you who just wanted to troll.


Any particular style of piracy that you’re doing?

This type.

So which one was supposed to be roleplaying? Because you posted in the wrong section. There is a section in the forums for roleplaying.

Oh, so you saw me trolling on other threads, but not this one.

And yet you called me out here.


Im usually not trolling, im usually dead serious. But again, i dont trust your ability to distinguish between a troll and a genuine comment, as seen here.

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I did post it in the roleplay section. Where else are you talking about?

You posted two threads in the communications center, with the same video.

Ahh, yeah. My EVE is for media (the video). This thread is for the corporation, which the video is attached. Also common to split them out as the media forum is a collection of well, media. The video is clearly a recruitment video so will always post it with all threads relating to the corp. :rofl:

Okay. I was just confused because there are 2 threads with the same topic name, and the same video, and yet we already have a roleplaying section in a different part of the forums. But now that youve explained what happened, i understand.

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Nice. Good luck!

GL fam

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