Do Eve Players know what a PIRATE is?

Any pirate corporations?? I thought to be a pirate in this game and found out rather quickly the players here have no concept what a “pirate” is. Pirates don’t show up and destroy everything without mercy. They show up providing the force to do so and DEMAND RANSOM. The whole point of piracy is gain with as little expenditure of effort as possible based upon your notoriety. I understand none pay ransoms because they’ll be blown up anyway- sure~ a pirate of ill repute may earn that feral title however far more reputable pirate bands hold true to their words, and can even be employed by legitimate forces as mercenaries to handle things others would care to have done while they keep themselves distant. Pirates!

Nothing wrong with being an absolute no compassion natural born killer, and when you show that’s all you are going to do… but you are NOT a pirate. If there are true pirates out there please let this new player know!

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So this is just about semantics.
If I were a ganker, I’d call myself pirate just because.

Black Rebel Rifter Club.

Ancient , Respected. They do honour ransom always . Its a core rule . Solo PvP ers … they are very descent , capable self sufficient respected people … there are some conditions to get in …

I have home R1FTA for some years, if you have any question please contact me on discord. Bluelysian#1484
@Skitzofeline i can bridge you to people you need

RL comparison don’t work here because the “physics” are different in New Eden. 1) You get 50% of content when blowing up something, and 2) you can’t really kill anybody (player chars being immortal).

Now extrapolate what efficient pirates will do in such a world? Kill and loot, kill and loot, kill and loot. Plus honored ransoms don’t give you a killmark and KB entry.


pirates speak like orcs from wh40k…

they say arrr alot…
they get legless a lot.
they sometimes need a hand.
they drink lotsa rum…

oh oh oh and they luuurve booty


You forgot the parrots and monkeys :wink:



Citation required.

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Other way round.

Pirates rarely ask for ransome. They mostly just kill and take what they can from your corpse.

Pirates have experience to make an evaluation. If you see the ransom has better chance for profit then killing it for a poor loot they might go for ransom, as well as if profit is not enough satisfying than the killmail they would go for kill… there are lat of variables to make the decision . That depends on their decision making criterias and this may change pilot to pilot .
What is important here is being accountable…

If person who ransom has credibility and accountable about accepting ransom and letting go… then he has higher chance to get the ransom … if not nobody wants to both pay ransom and loose the ship…

If you hit one of those respected pirate corps members… than deal is real. I lead a corp like 1,5 years… if i heard any of my pilots havent honoured ransom … was reason for me to insta kick and ban from corp… and that never happened. It was friendly fire legal corp and hell they did even ransom each other …

lol, not a place anybody wants to be in then.


This doesnt invalidate that killing everyone as stripping the wrecks and corpses for valuables is piracy.

This romantic idea of robin hood types is not representative of the majority of piracy.

I also dont either recall being offered ransom, nor feeling inclined to pay it for years.

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About 10 years ago this was somewhat true. Getting a ransom was quite fun back then, especially when the target was stalling to buy time for his friends to arrive. I wouldn’t bother trying it today though as it’s too much hassle, far easier to kill and loot. My best memory from back then ransoming was when someone in corp tackled some guy in a battleship. He asked him for a ransom, but it wasn’t for isk like usual. He asked him to hop on vent and sing a little rhyme, I’m a little teacup if I remember correctly. He was a good sport and sang it for us so we let him go haha.


Talk to your own name . We had numbers and we were active . Assuming everybody like you and reflect your opinion to them is not a healty thinking style.

That’s right. Your money can’t save you.

Law enforcement will NOT be bribed.


As with nearly every word its meaning is entirely based upon its context. For instance your description of a pirate is a highly romantic one and doesn’t describe actual pirates that would raid small costal settlements or execute entire crews.


Perhaps more relevant is the question “what are Pirates in Eve”

There’s quite a few videos on YT if you search for pirates. I found this one (Explaining the ‘Problem’ of Pirates & Crime in Eve Online ) well made, balanced, and honest. It also has a corp invite at the end, but that can’t be helped.

do you know why pirates have trouble with the alphabet?

they seem to get stuck at sea…


you know we do bribe CONCORD for our crimes constant :slight_smile:

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