{Serious} "Drop cargo or die"

I’m just curious, people that were ‘caught’ by an enemy and were told to drop cargo or they would destroy your ship: How did it go? Did you drop cargo? Did they let you go?

I have not heard of this happening. Mostly pirates want ransoms paid in isk.


Either a direct payment, or they eject from their ship, and I send them a portion of its value once it’s safely recovered.

I was offered a ransom once, when caught in a bling T3 due to me being stupid a few years back.

I was asked to put my bling modules into an nearby Orca. At this point I had fully written off the ship already, so declined and gave them the 50% chance. Can’t remember the outcome …

… however a bit later I realized I had some stabs in my travel bag, and could have just used the fitting service of the Orca to escape, while pretending to wait for my weapons timer to end.


It was on my secondary character that is mainly a ratter that got this treatment. I was in a catalyst and they were in a battlecruiser and were almost crying for me to drop the cargo thinking I would. Pretty much told them I was too jaded to believe that even for a second and if they blew me up they were going to have to take the loss. They finally after about 20min of harassing blew me up but I had set the gate to higher sec as a target and jumped the second my ship blew. As I was jumping I saw two things 1) the attempt to lock on to my pod and 2) a battleship jumping in from a different group. Later checked killboard and saw they got what they gave.

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Unless a reputable crew…they’d be told nah, take your chances on the RNG gods. Never saw this so maybe new? I was jsut ransomed once or twice. I opted for blow up. Usually low sec runs were in basic fits anyway.

Enjoy the t2 mods that drop. I am sure an 8 man split of 6 mil in mods was the dream haul they hoped for…


never pay
tell them to ■■■■ off
most don’t even honor the ransom
and you don’t want to be a pushover
if they proceed to kill you

die …
dont say anything… don’t complain
dont give any drop of pleasure to them
learn to avoid dangerous situations or to fight back
fly safe o7


My advice is dont get caught.

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If caught, you dead and you lose everything.

If under those circumstances you also drop cargo, whether they ask you or not, there is no extra loss to you. Yes, they do get a guaranteed increase in loot but then you also get to reduce the “value” of their kill mail.

Choices, choices. Otherwise, pretty much this …

From the other side … occasionally players I catch beg for their ship’s life. But I always go for the honest kill, loot or ISK is secondary.


Ive had people drop cargo so its not on the killmail but thats very rare.

Which is why I dislike the fact the big RED BUTTON appears to take too long for self-destruct to become a feasible counter-play. I would still take the loss, but you then would get nada.

(Altho, from what I have seen of killboard, it might still massage the numbers to give the attacker a solo kill mail anyway. Which would be dishonest but is what appears to happen already when it disregards NPC contributions.)

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If you have nice modules, dont forget to overheat them all so they melt


Self-destruct does nothing regarding killmail or drop, same for ejecting. Oh, it does something, it gives a nice weird km: Tristan | Frusloten | Killmail | zKillboard :smiley:

I did wonder if that would work.

You are making my point. No hits recorded yet you all (collectively) still gained a kill mail?

There has to be interaction. They can just shoot you once or even TP you as you explode. But in my experience, they dont wait for you to explode.

Yeah you were being neuted.

Yes, any aggression in the last 15min in same system count towards killmail. Regardless of how you die.

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Always pay the ransom, always! After all they earned it. Then congratulate your better for the victory over you in a honorable PvP match.

Just be a good sport if you play video games with others.

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We don’t ransom and once in a while we catch someone who upon being tackled immediately ejects from their ship. I never really understood why they do that. (I’ve seen it the most from Fraternity pilots) Unless it’s something good many times we just blow it up anyway and they still get a loss mail. There are also people who jettison their cargo or tear out their implants to lower the lossmail.

How do you know if they have removed implants?