Piracy advice please

I’ve recently decided to fully throw myself into being an antagonist of new eden. I know the old ways of piracy are dead, but there’s still plenty to gain from a career of debauchery and one-sided violence in my opinion. I’ve tried a bit of ganking, suspect baiting, et cetera, but I’m hoping to find some suggestions and tips from the veteran pirates here. I think I saw the infamous cannibal kane pop up recently. I read that whole story thread on the old forums and that really got me interested in this endeavour. So I come to ask all of you- how do I become a true terror? I would like to keep it to a maximum of 2 or 3 accounts in total, fewer if possible. Thanks in advance.


Is there more to piracy in space than suspect baiting and ganking? You could probably steal the important mission loot and coerce people to buy it back from you for a premium. Or infiltrate corps and steal their stuff after you gained their trust.

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That’s what I’m wondering.

The only advice i can offer is from limited experience from a few years back, so adjust as needed with the times.

  1. Your going to want a scanning alt in your pocket or use your main, scan down every anom and bookmark it, mark BM’s with dates for easy cleanups. this way you can enter a system, and if your fast jump a site before someone even knows your there. Especially with Covert Ops ships. It’s a common sense but huge advantage all the same.

  2. Know your “Kickout stations” stations where if someone docks theyre trapped, because undocking will place them 2-3kms off the stations docking range, proceed to bump and execute with required amount of “yarr”. A good example is Honorable Third’s Station in Gemodi you dock there your not getting out alive. Not without luck.

  3. Smartbombs - with a bit of practice you can get the pod every single time. if you don’t mind the sec status hits.

  4. Know your station guns and gate guns aggro mechanics, get tackle, secondary tackle, warp off first tackle and come back to clear aggro to avoid unnecessary damage.

  5. your going to want a hauler alt to bring you goods from a hub, obvious reasons.

Hope this helps a tad, and happy hunting



Will reply later.

This is great advice, thank you! I would 1000x rather live in low sec than high, but I wasn’t sure how viable being a low sec criminal is.

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It’s very viable, just requires some planning and supports. Another point i neglected to mention as well would be that in terms of ISK generation youstill have Mordus Legion spawns in Low sec that you can kill to make pretty good ISK.

You’ll also want gate and station tacticals, instant undocks, 300+ above below on gates so you dont have to take long warps to clear aggro. if you like gatecamps instant lock interceptors are a boon, and ships like the curse are filthy since you won’t appear on D-scan.


Change your name for a start.


Good point. I’ll make a new one tonight. Look out for “Nicolai Serkanner2”

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If you have to ask this, then maybe you are not a true terror.

Next job: learn real wit.

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Please oh please teach me what “real wit” means

I’m still kinda new to high-sec piracy, but what I’ve discovered is that assault and faction frigates, T3Ds and Asteros are very vulnerable to arty Thrashers. These are all high-value targets. Equip a core probe launcher in your spare slot, hit d-scan as you patrol a region, and probe down exploration sites whenever you spot one of the above ships. The assault frigs and T3Ds may also run combat anomalies as well. I hunt these ships in Minmatar and Gallente space since their rats don’t shoot EM damage, so they’re very vulnerable to EMP ammo. I’ve earned close to 2b this week alone:

Also keep an expanded probe launcher, a mobile depot and enough co-processors to fit the expanded probe launcher. Some pilots will go AFK at a safe spot, or run escalations, so they can only be found with combat probes. However, refitting takes time, and your target may escape. An alternative strategy is to fly a Svipul, which gets a massive fitting bonus to expanded probe launchers, and shoots a bit more DPS than Thrashers. You can hunt for targets quicker, and do some side PVE if you find a DED combat site that you’d like to run.

You can also try blapping burner frigates. I use a Retribution to hunt these ships, and bring an expanded probe launcher, co-processors, scan rangefinders and a mobile depot, and camp a system for burner runners. You need excellent scanning skills to probe these frigates down in a Retribution. Once you got one probed down, quickly refit for combat, warp to the target and blap. Alot of burner runners complete their missions in less than 2 minutes, so you have to be really quick. If you have a scanner alt in an Astero or Cov Ops, this will make hunting a whole lot easier.


Whoa this is awesome. Thank you for sharing :heart:

I checked your KB and im curious how you’re not getting concorded on a lot of those kills? Are you suspect baiting them when you pop their MTUs?

OOk, piracy was my reason for playing. And crime.

But it all boiled down to shenanigans.

So it works like this. You have to be the kind of player other players want to kill. And you have to look weak enough to be easily killed.

But then you still have to win. Here is a discussion of tactics I wrote a couple years back that will help you learn to maneuver and win in small and garbage boats.

Now, picking fights.

Find a population center. Clean every steal-able can out of the belts. Kill MTUs, scam, steal, hop into people’s missions and salvage/steal. Be in-neighborly. And make sure you look easily killable. I like to dress up in a T1 frigate.


Example two

Don’t forget to know your tactics… if you can’t win from a disadvantage you will never get a fight.


I am getting concorded, but I don’t bother uploading the KM. I prefer the color green. :smiley:


Sometimes you can’t beat a good old classic.

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…? :rofl:

I am reliably informed that Aaaarrgg is a force of nature.

Was he the guy that was in cahoots with an implant trader, or was that someone else?