Advice for becoming a criminal?

I’m fairly new to the game and am attracted to the criminal element, but I’ve had a rough time getting started.
I keep having to resort to carebear activities to fund myself and it bores me. I’m looking for advice from you seasoned criminals.

I tried to join a pirate corp, but found they were mostly about involuntary PvP, which is great and something I want to learn, but I’d love to do other criminal things too, like gank, scam, ransom, ninjaloot, con, and more.

I read the post about how others got started, and there were some good stories, but they mostly seemed to revolve around learning from a more experienced player, which is exactly what I’m seeking.

I wish there was a corp for criminals, but I have yet to find it.

And does anyone have some advice for how to break into a life of crime?

There are alot of d1ckheads on the forums who you can learn from. :yum:

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Shoot something in high sec and then berate the target to show that you are a really tough guy. And while you shoot him, offer them ransom, sweet talk them into accepting the ransom, make them sing a song, and then kill them anyway.

Hmm…butthurt much?

Buy a bunch of cheap catalysts, park them in niaraja. Then take them out and Blow up any frigate slow enough to let you lock them.

Hope they were carying something worth more than your catalysts.

I recommend reading the MTU Hunter blog. That player made a habit of going around using combat scan probes to probe down PvE players’ mobile tractor units to break open that piñata.

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Thank you! I’ll definitely check that out.


If you haven’t, lookup Feyds blog and guides. That’s where I got my start.

Eve is full of opportunity. You just have to be creative enough to take advantage of those opportunities. If you want to learn how to gank, there’s groups that can guide you through learning that.

Looking back it’s just been a matter of me opening the door to this kind of play style, and I find more and more people to connect with that enjoy similar things. Sometimes they teach me things while other times I’m the teacher. It’s really kind of hard advice to give, but just find a community that does something specific you’re interested in doing. From there you will meet all sorts of people that can teach you and bring you to all sorts of places. I have experience doing a lot of shitty things in eve, so if you’re looking for more specific guidance or someone to teach you how to do certain things, just mail me in-game.

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sick portrait dude 10/10

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No, and with that comment you are on a good way to become a great EVE criminal. :slight_smile:

Start here, read the older stuff from before he moved to null and became a bitter ould shite.

You should also choose if you want to operate in highsec (suicide ganking) or lowsec. In highsec you can operate solo if you prefer to, in lowsec you gonna need to join the established corps otherwise they won’t let you.

I have been reading Feyd’s blog and that’s one of the things that’s really inspiring me. It opened my eyes to all the possibilities beyond just ganking and PvP. I very much want to develop that same sense of refined f@ckery, learn to recognize those opportunities to take advantage of, and hoping I might find others doing it to play with, learn from. and help open that door wide.

Thank you! Trying to look the part haha

My mistake and my apologies. Just seen one too many complaining carebear posts in this section, I guess. Cheers!

Great tip, and that site has definitely become my bible for how I want to play!

I’m already part of a lowsec small gang PvP pirate corp, and I like everything I’m learning there. But I’m ultimately hoping to find others doing all kinds of dastardly deeds in addition to shooting anything that moves. I just figure why limit myself?

When you’re ready

Suspect baiting mission runners is a wonder place to begin your “new life”. It can be tedious, but with effort and a little elbow grease you can do wonderful things.

I’ve been trying to do some baiting but no takers, but I’ll definitely try for mission runners. I see that I need to scan them down in their pockets, so I’ll give this a shot with my scanning alt.

And thanks for the link to R-0-B-0-C-O-P’s posts! That’s pure gold. I’m only 20 posts in, but their style is genius and I love how they spell out their approach between the comments and the dialog. I can really tell what they are doing, as opposed to some posts which are too vague and cryptic for an inexperienced noob like me to understand.

Now I gotta read more about bumping…

Robo is one of my characters. Feel free to convo / mail me anytime on Faylee. I am working on a video to demonstrate the basics of bumping.

Kill people and take their stuff it’s simple

Fly the Cynabal. losec best sec. join a GOOD corporation.

Come join my corp. We are mostly lowsec frigate PVPers but we have a small anysec criminal element who are quite experienced and passionate about taking people’s things.

Personally I’ve never done bad things to anybody who hadn’t earnt it in my opinion however if I wanted to get into some proper deviant career paths I have more contacts than I could poke a stick at to help me get started. I’ve developed them by trying various play styles and never judging people for how they want to play (except highsec miners right?).

Honestly if this is your goal simply sit down and have a think about how to achieve it. If nothing comes to mind you either don’t have what it takes or lack the ingame knowledge. Either way I suggest you walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes before trying to steal his car/house or even just neglect to return the shoes :wink: