How do I get better in this game?

Hello, I am a new player and recently started and I’ve really liked the game so far. However, I am not really sure what exactly I should do and how to go about doing it as after I finished the career agents the game stopped showing me where to go so I assume this is where I have to go out on my own.

From the career agent things I really liked the scanning parts (I don’t remember the name, something starting with data?) and the minigame that accompanied them. However, I have no idea how to do that in the real game.

I also heard something about like piracy (I think they called it ganking) and I would like to learn more about that. Are there factions I can fight for? And what ships (If any) do I need for that?

Basically what I am asking is what can I do next as a new player? Also, are there any easy ways to make isk (mining sucks I make like nothing in my venture from the agent)? I lost almost all that I had on someone’s hypernet thing that they said to buy in chat. Keep in mind that I have like 5 ships.


Didn’t you receive a referral to Sister Alitura, to start her Epic Arc? I would highly recommend to do that next, it lets you travel around with different tasks and gives good ISK to start with.

Also all “offers” in local chats are scams, all, no exception.

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Oh I didn’t know what it was, ill try and look into it.

I didn’t know and the thing they were selling was worth like 400m. I didn’t realize it was a lottery.

I humbly disagree although I would agree that most offers are scams.


Good luck with the arc, while you do it watch and try to understand what’s going on around you. Google slang you don’t know, watch videos from other players. Don’t hesitate to ask about things you don’t understand.

If you want to go PvP later, one of the first things you need to learn are the crimewatch rules, the written ones, and the hidden implications. :wink:

I know what you refer to, and should add outside the protected starter and Sisters Arc systems, where scamming is not allowed.

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I’m new too, just giving info on what I know.
-It’s a Sandbox. Explore the possibilities and do what you want/can.
-Ignore what’s written in Local. Do pay attention to who is in Local.
-Avoid Hypernet unless you can buy ALL the slots. Go for the 8 slots if they’re not claimed, ignore the rest.

  • Do ask questions in Help Chat and in the Corporation panel ( there should be hundreds of players there ) some of them are older characters, they’ll answer your questions too.
    -Do the Project Discovery for isk, the more you do the more isk you get.
    -Don’t trade with players, buy only from the Market.
    -Avoid Contracts unless you think it’s a really good deal. How to know? Open the Multibuy panel and drag everything in the Contract in that panel. It will give you a price for everything. You’ll know then if the Contract is a good deal or not. - Don’t buy stuff that will take you to Nullsec.
    Read about EVE, read a lot.
    This should get you started: EVE University Wiki
    Good luck :smiley:
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Find a big corporation or alliance that advertises it self as newbie friendly and has interests similar to yours. Check the recruitment section of the forums.

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It was hypernet, which isnt really a scam. Just a way to gamble your ISK, and like all gambling, theres a good chance you will lose.

Firstly, welcome to New Eden. You’ve done the right thing by asking here - though you’ll get a range of opinions and rants on various subjects, hopefully you’ll get a few diamonds among the rough.

Speaking of which, @Mike_Azariah is being modest: if you see him in local in one of the beginner’s system you can absolutely trust what he says. The Magic School Bus is genuinely one of the most wonderful things in Eve.

The Scanning Part, and the Hacking mini-game is all part of the wider Exploration of New Eden, the cluster of star that Eve is based in. By scanning you will find a range of sites, from combat sites (grab a ship and go kill things), to data and relic sites to hack (the “mini game”), to wormholes to Anokis and the delights of the systems there and the entities (and other players) that live within. The Eve University article on Exploration is a good starting point. Eve University is another player run miracle of Eve life.
You don’t need a fancy ship for exploration, just grab a T1 frigate, something like the Magnate or the relevant faction exploration ship and you’ll be fine. Yes, you’ll lose ships, you will be hunted, and some of the hacks will be hard. But you will hit a good payout every now and then, and the adrenaline of being the rabbit that escapes the fox, and takes the carrot home as well is a real buzz.
Exploration is a good way to learn how to fly and live in New Eden as well as being a good source of income. It’s better than mining. Mining has it’s place and purpose - I use it as gentle relaxation rather than a source of income!

The Blood Stained Stars, the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc is a good story and nice introduction to the factions and lore of New Eden, and you’ll visit and see many places on that trip. It is doable for a new player, though the last couple of missions can be a challenge. If they are causing a problem, reach out here - or in the system local - to see if someone will help. If I’m around, give me a shout and I’ll toddle over from Amarr and help.

Hypernet offers are like most casinos. You may get lucky, but normally the house wins and you go home with empty pockets (and a gorgeous ex-ballerina on your arm. That’s another story altogether!)

The options in Eve are almost limitless, much like life in the Real World. And like the Real World the win is finding something you enjoy doing then working out how to make it pay for the life you want to live. More than anything else though, Eve is a social game - it’s better played with other people rather than just on your own.

An offer I make to any new player:
Feel free to reach out to me in game if you’ve any questions or need a hand with anything.



Like already said above, this is exploration. It’s a fun active minigame and one of my main sources of ISK. So if you enjoy doing this, it already answers your later question “what can I do for ISK”!

There are many ways to make money to replace lost ships, some are more active than others and some require more SP or ISK than others. But as long as you find something you enjoy doing you can easily replace ships and buy new ships to try new things!

I’ve been away from the game for more than five years and I almost feel like a newbie again even though some things seem familiar. Love to see my old ships waiting for me in the hangars across the galaxy.

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