Now what?

Okay, I’m a noob. I just finished the agent training in exploration. I’m Caldari with a Magnate frigate as my latest ship. Now what the heck do I do? any suggestions?

If you did all the agents, next up is the soe epic arc. Blood stained stars

If you want to continue with exploration…go out and explore! Scan down hi sec systems, do whatever sites you want to, be it hacking, combat, relic, etc. When you feel ready, continue exploring in low sec, null, or WH space. Or if you want to try something else, try something else.

I would suggest looking stuff up ingame and out about exploration if you are into that sort of thing. Make some money doing highsec stuff, move to lowsec, get blown up, make enough money and get enough experience to go to wormholes, die a lot, and make enormous profits!

Get a Venture and go Mining in Hisec, sell the ore and bingo: free isk since the ore is free to mine :smiley:

The Future is PvE
Ms. Bedlam :nerd_face:

If you have no drive to do something yourself, join some corporation for new players, be it highsec or nullsec, and do what they tell you to do.

Start hauling cargo or attacking people hauling cargo. Start mining rocks or attacking people mining rocks. Start running combat anomalies or attacking people running combat anomalies. Learn to scan wormholes and huff gas or, you know attacking people… Find moon mining spots and join in the bacchanal. Join a side in the faction wars. Head to a hub and start playing the market. Join a corp. Hang out on the forums and tell everyone how eve is dying. Kill the Ender Dragon.
So much to do.


Eve Online is a pure sandbax game - this is a strength, you can write your own stories, and a weakness. There’s no story or thread in the same way other big sandbax games have: the GTAs and Skyrim are a good example of open world with story to follow.

That freedom of “tell your own story” is a weakness. It’s not how play works now days. It’s give the kid a bucket and tell them to go out and play in the sandpit. Some people build castles and tell stories about their adventures, some kids get bored.
A lot of the recent changes are to give a framework of objectives and ideas for people for people to follow in New Eden (the bit of space Eve is set on). The Agency is the guild to “what can I do here?”.
Also down near the bottom of the Neocom (the menue of icons on the left side of the screen) is the Opportunities Map which is a sort of list/log/map/tally of things you have done in game - it’s as near to objectives as the game gives you.

So, what do you want to do with your life in New Eden?
Small gang combat? Join a fraction warfare corporation, or just join faction warfare and go for it. Explore New Eden. There are pla es to see stories to uncover, go and find them. There are corps dedicated to exploration.
Make things, either as a small soloist or as part of a large corporate supply group. Or help with the logistics business of providing ships ready for combat.
There are Role Playing groups playing the social life in New Eden (party tonight!).
It’s like the real world: what do you want to do with your life? Freedom.

This is Eve. Freedom and Consequences. The greatest drug.

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