What do i do? I played a few years ago for a few days, got a harbinger researched and some sort of a mining barge a well. What do i do? How do i get into the game?

Did you do any missions?

Eve is sandbox. It’s up to you to determine what you want to do and what you want your goals to be. Now, if you haven’t done the “guided tour” yet. Go ahead and do that (Career Agents and the sisters of Eve epic arc). It will expose you to a handful of activities in Eve. Perhaps one will pique your interests. Past that, you can start exploring the agency, check out the eve career chart, and/or join a large newbro friendly organizations (i.e. Eve University, Pandemic Horde, and Brave Newbies). They’ll provide access to various PvE and PvP opportunities, guides/classes/resources, and often have organizational goals -which might help to give you direction.

I’m sure Eve could do a better job of exposing new players to everything it has to offer, but that isn’t going to change overnight. In the meantime, it’s up to you to find the activities, play styles, and goals that you enjoy.

This career chart is a bit out of date, so it’s missing a few things. Add at least abyssals to the list.


What do YOU want to do?

Do you want to…

  • Harvest resources? (sucking up raw things like a starved vegan to make Legos)
  • Build/buy/sell stuff? (complicated Lego making/buying/selling)
  • Locate resources? (finding where that lost left sock is)
  • Do intel work? (pretending to be everyone’s friend while secretly being a bad, bad person)
  • Blow people up? (point the boom-boom end of weapon and make people scream)

Greetings mate, I use to help new guys on game mechanics on this small server I made, feel free to ask stuff there anytime.

Simple answer for me is - you need to join a corp, make some ingame friends, and be willing to try different things.

There’s a whole bunch of interesting things to do in EVE, and sometimes it just takes someone to say ‘we haven’t tried this, let’s give it a go today’ and suddenly you find the ‘thing’ that makes EVE fun for you.

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Standard answer I play with every new char I create: Visit another Career Agent, and finish the SOE epic arc.

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