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Hello, I hope you are having a lovely day. I recently finished all of my Career Agents, and am currently lost as to what to do. I asked what the next step was in “Rookie Help” of the chat, but I got mixed responses, so I am asking the same question here. I would appreciate it if you could tell me why rather than just an answer.

Welcome to Eve, and I hope you are enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

You will get a mix of answers because Eve is a sandbox. The game is designed to let you choose your path - you have to decide what you want to do/try next. It can be fun and allows for many possibilities, but it can also be confusing.

Just some of the options available to you:

Exploration for relic and data sites. Easy to start with and low ship cost. The payout is low. But it lets you fly around Eve. (and you might even find a few abandoned drones along the way and make some extra starting isk)

Mining. Boring for some people, but relaxing and enjoyable for others. It lets you play the game at a slower pace. You mine rocks or ice, and the refine it for selling or to provide building materials.

Research and Manufacturing. You can use blueprints to make ammunition, modules and ships. Can be interesting if you are craft oriented. It also ties in with mining, which provides some of the resources. However, it sometimes can be tricky to make a profit if you buy all the materials.

Market trading. Buy low and sell higher. It is for people with a keen business sense that can spot deals and like to adjust and play with figures. The payoffs can be big, or you can loose money - markets are unpredictable sometimes.

Exploration for combat sites. Some of them you can warp to - others require probes to find. Some sites are easy - some are harder. They payouts are quite random, but you have a chance of making a big profit.

NPC Missions. There are courier, mining and combat missions. You can talk to NPC agents and they will give you missions, and rewards upon completion. There are 4 levels (5 levels for combat) and the easier level 1 missions can be done in frigates. To talk to higher level agents you will need to build your reputation (standings) with the NPC corporations/empires the agents work for.

PVP. Some people enjoy solo player vs player, and like to be lone wolf hunters. Low sec provides opportunities for hunting. Or alternatively there are corporations that focus on PVP and warfare. And even bigger groups and alliances open up the more complex types of warfare and ‘ingame politics’ to take over and hold sovereignty over areas in nul sec.

Courier. You can move things around for people. Or buy stuff in one region and sell in another region where the price is higher. Requires some market research.

Finding a good corporation will help you in the area you like. However, it might not be easy to find a good one right of the bat. There are good corporations and there are bad corporations.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of people you meet ingame. Some will be rude, some won’t even reply, but there are a few friendly ones too. Even if someone blows up your spaceship, they will sometimes give you advice about what you did wrong, or how to improve! (note, just sometimes)

There are also a lot of Youtube videos covering most aspects of Eve. Some even contain step by step tutorials, have ship fittings and explain exactly what you need to do and train.

Everything I have said is just the most basic of the options. (I am sure I have forgotten some things) There is a lot more to discover. And remember that Eve does not limit you to just 1 path. You can try any and all of the different options available to see how you like them. You can also change at any time.

And always remember an important rule in Eve: Only fly what you can afford to loose. Nowhere is 100% safe in Eve (unless you stay docked)

Fly safe and have fun! :slight_smile:


Thanks for you swift reply.
I am enjoying the game so far, and I think your post has helped to shape my sense of being lost into something more tangible, and I feel that I know what I am more interested in. About your comment on corporations, do you know any corporations that might be happy to take me in? Or if not, where I could look for one?

Try the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc next. Also good to help gain your footing in New Eden.


While @EM00 has provided really great advice, one thing left out, and you didn’t mention if you did either, is the Sister of EVE epic arc. in rookie chat all that preloaded text that appears when you log in, it will have the link to speak with sister allitura(sp)

The Arc is A LOT of jumps but also it gives you a really great time to get to learn how to fly the ship as well as do some exploring between different parts of space.

the SOE arc also can be done every 3 months and can help with standings with any of the main factions or the SOE themselves.

Certain activities in game, relies on your standings with npc corporations or factions: trading, reprocessing, mission agents etc.


I think it’s @Shipwreck_Jones that has a page on how to find the right corporation for you.

I would advise AGAINST any corp who say they “do everything” in eve, because most are really bad at all of it… also don’t join spam corps who will/could already be spamming you with evemails to join them.

starting out corps like Brave Newbies or EVE university are really great and EVE U offers classes on different aspects of EVE so you can get a better idea of what it is you like to do in game… your only restriction is your imagination.

@Caze_Bentlix @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras , Thanks for the advice. I will try that. I hope you all have a great day.

If you can fly a destroyer yet do the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc. Start it in the Arnon system. It will give you a little taste of shooting and flying around and doing little minor missions. You’ll get stuff and a little isk and it will increase your standing with some of the racial factions, depending on your choices. While you’re doing that, check around for corps to join. There are so many corps that one will become a good home. Some won’t, so don’t be afraid to quit one that sucks. In a good corps you will become better at the things that that corps focuses on.

I unfortunately can’t point you directly at ideal corporations.

I can only really speak about the corporation I am in and say they are nice, in my opinion. (They give me cookies if I say nice things about them! Hehe, just joking about the cookies) We have a separate corp for training and helping new players before they join the main corp.

The advice other people have given is good - look around. Take your time to choose a corp. If you are interested in a specific corp, check if they have a recruitment chat channel ingame. Chat to the people in there and ask lots of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions - Find out as much as you can. Check if they actively support the activities you want. Find out their main timezone(s) carefully, and make sure there will be enough people online at the same time as you. If you have limited time to play, or will be away from the game for weeks/months mention it to check if they are ok with it. Make sure they are new player friendly. Ask if they have any programs to help you get into ships and stuff in the beginning. And find out what they will require from you. Some corps are relaxed and let people do freely what they want - but others have regular mandatory ops.

And once you find a good corp, your own participation can make a big difference to how you enjoy the experience. Talk to people, be friendly. And once you have some isk and experience, you can also help other newer people who join the same corp - pay it forward. :slight_smile:

If you find the corp you joined is not for you, or your interests change after time and you want to try different things, as Leggone has said you can can quit them anytime and look for another one. They can’t force you to stay - you have the power to leave and make your own choices.

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