Getting started in EVE Online?

Hey everyone,

I downloaded EVE Online and started playing about 3 days ago. Since then I’ve been working through the tutorials and just getting to know the very basics of the game.

I was wondering if there are any tips or tricks, and/or any important advice an experienced EVE player would give any rookie like me?

Join a developed player corporation asap.

Stay away from highsec mining, it’s a dead end noob trap that’ll rot your brain.

Never autopilot.

Don’t talk or look at Jita local, it’s nothing but scams.

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It’s your sandbox. Find activity you enjoy and do it for fun. isk and sp don’t matter.

There are excellent resources created by corporations that focus on new player development.


Welcome to New Eden!

Advice? Oh, boy are you going to get replies to that!
Eve is a pure sandbox - there’s not storyline to follow. Much line the real world there’s no “win” or “lose” just “are you doing something you enjoy and are happy with? If not, change how you live”. Almost any role you can do in the Real World has an equivalent in New Eden.

Find a group to fly with, chat with, and enjoy time with. Engage with other pilots - collaboratively or aggressively. This really isn’t a solo game. You don’t have to stick with the first group you find. But there are good places to start - you’ll find others flagging them up here.

ISK is not a scoring system. Collecting ISK is not an objective. Don’t grind for ISK thinking “I’ll get Omega for free!!!”. All it will do is cost you your sanity and make you hate Eve as a cruel mistress.
You can have a lot of fun as an Alpha clone.

Bigger more expensive ships are not better. You can have a lot of fun in cheaply fitted T1 ships. I’ll fly T2 and Faction ships only where I particularly need to because I need the capability/specialty. Better is relative.

That’s probably the key stuff - feel free to look me up in game if you want a chat. But whatever you do, if you are not enjoying it, try something else.


Take your time.

Most important advice I can give you is: take your time.

You don’t have to do everything…cause that’s impossible, EVE has too many options for game play. You won’t understand that until you’ve played for about a year. That’s right, a year.

EVE is a long term effort/delight. It can be frustrating, rage inducing, exhilarating, slow and way too fast, and…sometimes, it’s all of that at once, :slight_smile: .

In EVE, you write your own story each time you log in. Other players, that you interact with, either voluntarily or involuntarily, impact your story each time you log in, too. Maybe you sell something at a trade hub, maybe you rat to earn isk, maybe you mine asteroids, or maybe you go shoot someone’s ship, voila…interaction, with other players. You’ve undercut someone’s price or sold them a deal, you shot the rat (therefore denying them income) before they could, it’s the same deal with the asteroids, and of course, shooting someone’s ship…that’s direct action.

IMO, in EVE, it’s the interaction with other players that’s the icing on your game “cake”. Yes, you can play EVE mostly solo, but as other’s have mentioned playing EVE with others enhances your game. And, generally the best stories, in EVE, are stories where you overcame obstacles, with your friends, and sometimes, in spite of your “enemies”.

So, take your time, find a group you like, whose method of playing EVE matches your own ideas. Learn about EVE. If you find, in the end, your first choice of group, or second, or third, (or however many) was not the right choice, don’t worry. Changing corps is practically expected among new players. Old players change corps, too.

But, take your time. Remember, in EVE, treachery, thievery, scamming, piracy are all valid, and routine. This is a virtual universe, and if you can imagine it…someone else has, too, and is probably making an isk off of it.

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, and if you lose it…lose it with grace, in public (even if you’re raging in private.)

Welcome to EVE.


Its just a game. Treat it like one.

perfect answer, and i would add “don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose”

loose torpedoes that you can afford to fly at your enemies.

Welcome to Eve.

If you don’t mind me asking, what made you decide to try Eve out?

Experience is worth more than skillpoints.
Experience accrues faster than skillpoints.

Skillpoints accrue passively.
Experience cannot.

You’ll want to pull your Local tab out of your chat window and expand it so that it is narrow and about the full length of the screen. This will be your primary intel tool that tells you who else is in system with you. Ask in the rookie help chat for a link to a good Overview setup, and you’ll be directed to one.
The default overview isn’t particularly helpful for telling you at a glance what is going on in space around you.

Remember to put a “gf” in local after a fight :pirate_flag:

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