New starter, any tips?

Hello, I’ve finally decided, after years of contemplating, to take the dive into EVE.
Ive been playing space sims and strategy games for a very long time cough…Elite1984… but have never had the time to really get into this game.
As a new player can I ask any of you veterans to give me some handy starter tips and an idea of how to start off in this vast game.
I’ve downloaded and installed and created an alpha character profile (for now) and just finished the intro and I think I’ll be going down the enforcer combat route.
Currently sat in my ship docked at the first station you spawn into.

What now?
Whats the best way to sait my desire for pew pews?

There seems to be an awfully high learning curve for this game but I should be able to understand and work out any complex answers.


Join a corps. If that one sucks, join another one. Rinse and repeat until you are having fun and friends, enemies, and frenemies.
Buy 10 cheap frigs and fly them to dangerous places and get them killed or maybe get lucky and kill someone else. That will help you get over the shakes if you are prone to them. I was.


I would suggest doing the career agents. They are easy, new player friendly, and you will quickly get a few ships and starting money from them.


Tips as follows (as ever some will agree with these and others disagree)

1 Don’t be to quick to decide what you are going to be in Eve. Take a bit of time to try different things and find out what you enjoy. Career agents will help a little with that as well as giving you some easy isk and some ships. The sisters of Eve epic arc is also worth doing as the missions are generally easy mode and the isk is good considering.

2 Related to the above. Don’t approach the game from a “this activity makes the most isk so ill do that” perspective. We all need isk but being on the perpetual isk grind can become like a second job. Instead find what you like doing and work out how to monetise it.

3 Don’t become attached to ships. This game is about stuff being destroyed, stuff being built and then being destroyed again. I never really liked the whole “treat ships like ammo” ethos but essentially its correct. Your ships are intended as disposable tools not trophies. The sooner you get used to them blowing up the better it will be for how you approach the game.

4 Join a corp. Playing with others makes eve better. That doesn’t mean that everything you do needs to be a group activity. It just means that having a group of people that can help when you hit roadblocks makes the game better. But remember for every “good” corp out there there is also a “bad” one. Be wary if corps have too many mandatory ops and don’t offer you support.

5 Don’t accept sweets from anyone you dont know.


I agree with you. One of my hobbys in EVE is making new Chars. I usually skip the tutorial and make missions. Starting with distribution and security missions it does not take long to get several ships and a wallet of 10 mill ISK or more. Important for me was ratting and of course salvaging that makes a real good profit. I also salvage other players wrecks in the belt and sometimes I even steal from containers.

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Eve is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time.

A new player can absolutely contribute, even in PvP. Join a PvP corp, perhaps in low sec, and make sure they understand that you are a total clueless noob. That matters. Hell, they might even give you free ships to die in. And yes, there arecreal and important jobs that you can totally do – even ss a week old player.

Eve is so complex that basically everyone is clueless about all kinds of stuff so dont be afraid to speak up. If someone gives you ■■■■ for not knowing something they are an asshole, not you.


It really depends on your personal style. Are you into action, adventure, explosions and mayhem? Or do you enjoy plotting market strategy while drinking chai tea and chomping on scones? (I’m in the scones group).

Don’t rush into anything. And whatever you do


That’s what most of new capsuleers do…and most of them never come back.

Personally, I find that the amount of fun I have in EvE is driven by doing new things. There are a bazillion things to do in EvE. Most the tougher ones require training, buying stuff, reading whatever info is available online about the activity (which sometimes is none), moving the stuff to a place where the thing is done, and then practicing actually doing it until you get the point where you can do it profitably. Once I get to that last stage, of doing the thing profitably, I start to lose interest pretty quick and start thinking about the next thing.

So, if you’re the same, it kind of doesn’t matter which thing you do first. Mining, missions and exploration are probably the first three most new players consider first. Typically all initially done in high security space. You almost certainly will eventually do each of the three. If you want PvP right out of the gates, you should find a corporation that does PvP to join- there is not much good solo PvP in EvE. At least not where the aggressor is solo. If you do really anything in low sec or null sec, including the three activities listed above, you are doing PvP, but as the prey. Which actually is really fun and interesting, but likely pretty frustrating in your initial months of play where you don’t totally know what you’re doing yet.

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