Newby here

Hi all, brand new to the game, joined a corporation THUG, no idea if any of them are here. But I feel like I’m floundering about with no real goal or direction. I’m only three days in, love the graphics etc, but I’m lost, lol, what can I do?


Do the tutorials and ask questions in the rookie help channel

By tutorials I mean the one that starts when you first logged in and the career agent ones after


I’ve done the basic tutorials, was going to join EVE university, but rookie chat is just spammed full of


Think I might head back to where I first started

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Do you have an idea of what you’d like to do?

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Ideally make enough money to pay for Omega, Lol, mining is slow an tedious, maybe space trucking or producing munitions as a start to business/industry, plus I need an active Corp to help me learn and grow

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Finding a good Corp is very hard i’d advise you to try and find one that lives in wormholes perhaps it’d be best isk you can make mining in venture and train for gas harvesting and you can get enough to go omega in reasonable time unlike mining veldspar or some other ore
Definitely train scanning skills too

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Do you know any? Or have friends in any? I don’t want to waste my formulative period in a waste of time corp

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I’d suggest begin looking in the recruitment section of these forums for one that fits the criteria even if some don’t doesn’t hurt to write a mail and ask most players love newbies maybe it’s just our deep desire to have something resembling a pet in game. But you should be well cared for if they take you in.Don’t be afraid to quit and look for another Corp if you don’t like the one you join at first

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I’ll look at the recruitment forums now, ty for taking the time to talk to me

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There are excellent new player corporations. Eve university you’re already familiar with - perhaps you had trouble finding their recruitment page:
It will take a while - run the SOE epic arc while waiting:

Also consider Brave Newbies:


In addition to the advice already given, be sure to do at least some of the Career Agents to get a little deeper into some areas of the game as well as getting a few ships and some ISK while you ware waiting. Definitely do the SoE arc as well.

And a bit +1 for the E-Uni as a candidate for a new player. Great corp to start out with to get support and education.

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If you can afford it, pay the subscription, and have fun in the game. Must make ISK to buy Omega every month will burn you out as a new player.


I can not emphasize @Tipa_Riot’s good advice more. It isn’t fun just grinding.

As an Alpha, you can do huge amounts - the only real limitation is you can’t highly specialise (which is where the earning potential really is). But you can do most things very effectively.

Take time to look around. Definitely join the University - they are good people (heathens, yes, but old age makes me more forgiving). Learn what you enjoy without the pressure of “is this making ISK” but looking at it as “do I enjoy what I am doing?”.

We were all new at some point.
We’ve all got the scars of poor decisions.
We’re all still learning.

I’m very happy to answer any questions you have.


Great advice guys, and its truly appreciated, I’m not sure I’m down for the structured lesson type things, and while im happy to use discord (as I used it for a few mobile games) adding another app/chat thing isn’t appealing to me, I want to enjoy my gaming without it dominating my life, lol, though I’ve been told to kiss my social life goodbye when I installed EVE


o/ & welcome,

Take your time to discover the different aspects of Eve and see what you like.

Exploration, industry, small gang pvp, fleets pvp, market trading, hauling, mining : which one you like ? High sec, low sec, null sec ? What do you prefer ?

+1 for Eve university : you can learn there and after learning the game a bit more choose another alliance and corp specialized in what you like.

Null sec alliances also have their own newbie corps but beware that null sec is special. Null sec alliances own their own space and no-one else go there without being shot at. But that also means you won’t leave our own corner very much.

About the isk, don’t worry. It comes with time, skills and knowledge of the game. Some sums can appear a lot right now but in a few months it will be nothing. But ISK wise, the thing i highly recommand as a total newbro are exploration, rabbit plexing in FW and market trading/importing because they are not related to the size of your ship.

To sum up do as you like but discover the game and socialize. Eve is player driven : you can’t play single player without missing the whole game. If you try pvp always convo your killer : he will give advice.

Alpha/Omega : doesn’t matter except if you want to skill up to a certain role, for instance cloaking. Alpha has its limits but as said before getting the knowledge of the game is the most important and can be done as alpha.

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EVE can be a veeery social game if you choose to play it that way.

I like to leave this here:
It shows some optioins and things you can do, but none of them are limited to or exclusive to one another.

You already have done a smart move: Looking for information outside of the client.
There is ton of blogs, videos and tools to be found on the web about nearly every aspect of the game. Just search for the keywords you are interested in, you likely will find something. And if that does not answer your questions - start a thread in the forum.
Oh right… ^^

I’ll finish with one advice: When you get blown up by another player, ask what happened and how you can avoid exploding again. (You can rightlick on someones name and choose “start converstation” to open a chat with them.) Most people will answer and give you tips for next time and generally be friendly.
But as everything in EVE, take it with caution - and never trust the Jita local chat.



Don’t start out grinding. Explore the different options, do what seems most fun at the time. When you find you like to do a certain activity, you can then make isk doing that. Grinding is torture, please don’t.


First of all, welcome to Eve!

Hope that you are enjoying yourself out there. I do agree that Eve is very beautiful and it’s one of the things that kept me in Eve at the beginning.

In Eve there is so much to do and it really depends on what you want to do and try out. To give a view of everything, you can check out this player made flowchart of various playstyles.

(This is an updated one that also notates what you can also do an an Alpha as well.)

In addition to that, there are numerous help articles ingame that you can check out with various tutorials, you can also check out the New Player Resources post here on the forums with links to many wonderful player made guides as well.

I would also recommend to run career agent missions as well since they do help in guiding you in various areas as well. In addition to that the missions usually give you items that are useful for you to start with as well for that particular area so you don’t have to buy them yourself (ie: free ships, modules, blueprints, and skillbooks).

Finding the right corp can take a few times. There are so many great corps out there, you can browse around the recruitment section on the forums or you can even join the recruitment channel ingame to see what is out there.

Hope this was helpful for you and best of luck out there!

Once again, welcome to Eve! Glad to have you! :slight_smile:


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