New to EVE

Hi im new to the game just started today got through the tutorial. i was wondering if there was a corp out there that is willing to help me and show me some things, so far i like mining and exploring , havent really had any pvp yet. ty for taking the time to read this.

I would suggest Eve University would be a very good starter choice. They will show you the ropes on all activities. Once you have a better idea of what you want to do you can of course find another corp but many stay. or public chat channel “Eve University”.

Would love to chat check us on discord :smiley:

yo m8, well we cover all aspects of the game, and proper pvp training at ur own pace and ships for free so will cost u nothing… appart from that… Mature peeps, RL comes first and its just a game, having fun at all times… aaaand… we make it look good :sunglasses:
Have a look bro…

Hi Kobalt,

Welcome to EVE - it’s big, it’s confusing and it’s fun!

Corporation 1 are a small group of returning veterans and new players who are building a fun, real life first, corporation. We do a bit of everything in game so will be able to answer questions, give help and advice etc - we’re all friendly :slight_smile: We do a fair bit of mining as a group, and most of us do some exploring and PvE on the side.

Have a read of the thread below and see if it floats your boat. I’ll message you in game as well later.

Fly safe

Hey Kobalt,

We are a small, but growing corp that accepts new players and we can show you the ropes. Our focus is on industry (mining and production) but we also do exploration, salvaging, and PvP/PvE runs to spice things up.

Here’s our forum thread: Aviator Legislative Kontrol [-ALK-] - ISK aligned high-sec corporation

Let me know if this sounds interesting to you and we can take it from there. If we have a fit, perfect, and if not I may be able to recommend you to other corps.


So i really enjoy exploration so far. Any of you doing that?

Yes, that’s my secondary thing after industry. It’s a small group, but definitely people into exploring.

Fresh blood for the blood god!

Kidding - friendly group - come check us out.

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