New player looking for corporation

I’m a new player 1 day old looking for a new player friendly corporation that does not mind showing the ropes and giving some advice.
I don’t mind having omega status full time (not sure if that is a criteria people are looking for)

About me.
I’m Link 29 from Portugal
Don’t mind using discord for communication or even making new friends.
Looking forward to start my journey I still don’t know exactly what I like to do or what can I do in this game I’m still figuring things out.
I do like more of a PvE environment at the beginning and later on doing a bit more pvp over time while still maintaining the PvE part if possible.
I do my own research but in a game as daunting as eve I think only my research won’t suffice as a lot of it is old versions and some don’t correspond to the current one.

If you are interested or you have some tips for me feel free to contact me

Thank you for reading :heart:


I would love to pick you up for my corp but i have a feeling i have a better match for you!

Our sister alliance ‘‘cosmic covenant’’ has a corp called ‘‘Rocket University’’ If you can search that up on eve and join its public channel/get in touch with the recruiters that would be great. sorry i don’t have the link.

They specialise in showing new players the ropes. They set new players up on skill plans, after the essentials you get to choose which skill plan to go for next depending on if you want to dip your toes in pvp or other activities.

Good luck on your adventure welcome to eve o/

You may want to look into my corporation, Cargo Sunesis Cult: Cargo Sunesis Cult - a place for you to excel! [HISEC - EU]

We like to help out new players and have multiple options for PvE. We have a friendly and tight knit community, albeit a tiny one at the moment. I have personally picked up multiple rookies, helped them with game mechanics, provided some free ships and many of them have progressed in just a couple weeks to flying various ships that cost up to hundreds of millions.

We have plans to get more and more active in PvP and build up some industry to support that. We also have some friends and connections to other, bigger corporations and alliances, so we’re not alone in what we do.

Hey your probably getting a bunch of replies, but let me know if you need a Corp still.

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