Cargo Sunesis Cult - a place for you to excel! [HISEC - EU]

We’re a relatively new corporation with a slightly different approach to recruiting. Instead of asking for a certain amount of SP or what roles you can fill, we’re looking for interesting people with unique perspectives who are willing to listen, learn and teach.

We’re small, and we’re in no hurry to get big. Instead we want to build a place where everyone feels like they are truly part of the community. We want to invest time and effort in every single member of our corporation, and we wish you are ready to do the same. We’re a relaxed corporation where real life comes first, but we hope you are active at least a couple times a week.

We take in veterans and rookies alike.

Currently, we offer opportunities and help in the following activities:

  • Mining - we have a couple hisec moons

  • Industry & trade

  • Missions & exploration

  • Abyssals

We operate mostly in EU timezones, but are open to taking people from other timezones as well. We have a Discord server, and joining coms during activities is encouraged but not mandatory.

Our future plans are to establish a strong infrastructure for pvp and industry, and make a name for ourselves.

For recruitment, contact Nyel Blazon, Nomalak, Laura Lau or Elhael Thiesant.

Also, we have a pretty cool poster and logo!


At your service o7


We ARE recruiting! o/

Come join us :slight_smile:



Bump again! We have room for you!


Plenty of room o7


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We’re growing!



Come join the forces!!

Hey Everyone!

We’re not just an EU Corp! if you’re in the NA and looking for exactly this please feel free to contact myself or the others in game and we’d be more than happy to chat with you and answer any questions.



Any USTZ members?

We have some USTZ people as well, yes.