Recruiting - NPC Null sec - PvP, PvE and Indy

Hello all,

What is it you want out of Eve? We are a group of Pilots that fly in Null Sec space but it isnt SOV space. This is NPC Space. So we dont have those timers all the time, losing structures and stuff being lost or moved to Low Sec, Alliance Requirements for activity etc. All we want to do is get like minded people together and have fun in the grey space between High / Low Sec space and Null SOV space.

If you dont know what you want in Eve we can help you figure that out and get you on a path to excelling at it with knowledgeable pilots in just about all aspects of Eve.

Do we have PvE activties - Yes…
Do we have PvP Activities - Without a doubt…
Do we have Indy opportunities - yup all that as well

But whats so different about us versus others?

Well, we prefer to use single comms. I cant stand having to be on 4 different comms. We try our best to let you fly what you want to enjoy the game. I have well over 20 videos for training in Basic PvP skills, Navigation, PI, Indy, mining, scanning, etc to share with you. I also will take you personally for specific training in an area if you have the time / prefer.

Yes we have a SRP program and moons etc etc like all the other alliances but I try to offer a bit of excitement and knowledge in many areas of Eve that I am happy to share with you! Why would I do that you ask? Well, I love Eve and have been playing Since Beta. I want you to really get what Eve is truely like and enjoy the game as much as I do.

The thing that keeps people interested in a MMO is the Camaraderie, hanging out with friends or good people and just having a good night while enjoying a game without pressure. Thats us.

If you are interested, please reach out to Aerymis in game or come on Discord and ask to speak with someone from Apotheosis of Caledvwich.


Reach out to myself or Myrradah in Game!


In Game Chat Channel - “Caledvwich”

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Looking for more folks - new, old, fresh, PvE, PvP, whatever come over and talk.

Bring out your Dead! bring out your Dead…

Bump for Pilots!

This has been the best move I have made in EVE. We are small and tight, good friends first and foremost. come join us!

Do you have events, groups, etc regularly in the Eastern Time Zone US (GMT -5) between 7 and 10 PM? I live on the East Coast of the US and I’m currently in a high-sec corp, but they mostly run stuff in EU time, which is in the middle of the day during work time. I enjoy mining and industry, but also want to do some PVE and a little PVP if available. I’m looking for a ‘smaller’ corp where my contributions will actually matter and help the corp. I’m currently have the SKILLS to FLY an Orca, but still working on the FUNDS to buy one, and I’d really like to eventually get to a Rorqual, which I know can’t fly in High Sec, so I’m looking for something in nullsec.

Hi there, Our Main Timezone is Eastern so yes. We do all kind of things from Moon and mining to PVP and small gang stuff. Freedom to do what you like and support to help you learn or get info on just about anything to make isk or have some fun.




Looking for fresh meat bags!

Looking for Pilots for some fun with friendly folks. Will train and share.

Lookin for some pilots to fly with and train if needed.


Happy Memorial day!

Looking for pilots still.

Pilots wanted for all things Eve to grow with

You dont need Supers, dreads, Carriers etc to kill caps…

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Looking for more pilots interested in joining a group of like minded people.

Had a little Roam Yesterday for the newer pilots. Ran around Delve for a while - Killed 400 mil of ships in our 180 mil of ships and had some fun doing it. Come join us for PvP, PvE, general chatting, salacious touching…

Convo myself or Myrradah for more information in game.