Recruiting - NPC Null sec - PvP, PvE and Indy

Some new and exciting things happening. new directions, growing and having fun. Will share once its ready but for now - if you want in on something new come chat me or Myrradah in game or join the in game chat “Caledvwich”

Come on over and join us in a convo and see if its a fit. Join us on Discord in the OP above or chat us up in the Caledvwich Chat in game.

Hey, we are growing a bit! I’m enjoying making a few new friends! Come talk to the laid-back, have fun people.

Looking for some more pilots for a growing Alliance in NPC Null sec - Indy, PVP, PVE whatever here to help and have some fun.

good good, looking for growth and pilots. come on in and chat us up.

Had a nice roam yesterday and killed a bunch of stuff. Getting the new recruits included in the pvp!

Miners with claws…should be a corp name.

Training Roam with a group of newer pilots. Turned fruitful.

Looking for more pilots and or Corps that would like to join our new alliance! Come on over and chat with us.

Still recruiting - new pilots, old pilots, returning or unsure come check us out.

Great corp, really helped me dip my feet into null and get started blowing up ships. Great group of guys and I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation!

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Happy Fathers day all!

Looking for more. had a great fleet and local fighting the other day. But yesterday roamed all over and not much was out there

Check our corp out! Good guys, good times!