New Alliance - LF Indy / PvP pilots and leaders for NPC Null sec

Hi, XCBF alliance and Apotheosis of Caledvwich are recruiting!

We are looking for pilots of all kinds – no restrictions.

Are you a new player?

We want new players. We want to show you the game and help you on your journey. In Eve, proper support means you enjoy the game more and are more likely to stay – we want you to stay and enjoy the game we all enjoy so much. We can help you through decisions of direction, changes of direction, training plans, training videos, 1 on 1 training, reviews etc etc.

Are you a returning player?

Why did you leave? Lack of time? Couldn’t meet the strict requirements of a SOV block? Felt detached? Game seemed too difficult? Not enough to do? We can help with all of this. The main thing, in my opinion, about MMO’s and staying power is the friendships you make in game. Without them, you are likely to stop playing all the time. If it’s a good game, you will constantly try to return looking for that connection. We have no requirements on play time. Family and real life first. We want to build a group that works together well and helps one another to dominate specific areas of Eve in game.

Are you a PvP only or Indy / PvE?

We have all of this as well and want more of it. As a new alliance we can always use more FC’s and leaders to help direct programs and get them started. If you want the chance to help build something, come check us out as a new alliance we could certainly use the help. Always need more FC’s, theory crafters, Indy leaders / Coordinators, PI coordinators, Mission runners group etc. We live in a hot area with lots of PvP and PvE activities and looking to expand more. Lets open it up!

Now – all the stuff all the other folks say they offer –

What is it you want out of Eve? We fly in Null Sec space but it isn’t SOV space. This is NPC Space. So we don’t have those timers all the time, losing structures and stuff being lost or moved to Low Sec, Alliance Requirements for activity etc. All we want to do is get likeminded people together and have fun in the grey space between High / Low Sec space and Null SOV space and work on common goals for the alliance.

If you don’t know what you want in Eve we can help you figure that out and get you on a path to excelling at it with knowledgeable pilots in just about all aspects of Eve.

Do we have PvE activities - Yes…
Do we have PvP Activities - Without a doubt…
Do we have Indy opportunities - yup all that as well

But what’s so different about us versus others?

Well, we prefer to use single comms. I can’t stand having to be on 4 different comms. We try our best to let you fly what you want to enjoy the game. I have well over 20 videos for training in Basic PvP skills, Navigation, PI, Indy, mining, scanning, etc to share with you. I also will take you personally for specific training in an area if you have the time / prefer.

We have many of the same things as other alliances but I try to offer a bit of excitement and knowledge in many areas of Eve that I am happy to share with you! Why would I do that you ask? Well, I love Eve and have been playing Since Beta. I want you to really get what Eve is truely like and enjoy the game as much as I do

The thing that keeps people interested in a MMO is the Camaraderie, hanging out with friends or good people and just having a good night while enjoying a game without pressure. That’s us.

Come grow with us.


Join discord and state you are looking for someone from Apotheosis of Caledvwich and we can get you set up and talk to see if it’s a good match.

PS: Caledvwich is another way of saying Excalibur. Apotheosis is similar to saying in the visage or image of.

Come join in! Great group, friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

First bump for me!

moon mining op today. Producing some sabres for the locals.

Your discord invitation expired mate. Can’t join you

new Link up! Sorry - even though its set to never expire they seem to expire…

Thanks btw

Bump - bad roam today. made some bad decisions but ti was still fun!

What TZ does your corp mostly function in?

sorry for the late response, i was in thew hospital a few days. but its east, central and pacific. Id say mainly east coast but im pacific myself.

we are very close o having a complete T2 production ability. Missing only 3 more goos.

And lets keep on growing. Come one come all!

very very busy night tonight on the PvP front and we have a moon op coming out this weekend for T2 production.

off on a filament roam we go!

Looking for more pilots!

JF run done, training done today. some training tomorrow. Looking for more pilots!

Finished a basic survival in null sec class. recorded it for new people coming to Eve. Looking for more pilots!

Videos uploaded and having some good times getting newbros into Eve!

Looking for more pilots!

Happy 4th of July all

Im New and looking for an Alliance to join… currently doing the Sister of eve missions. plz send invite to Sterling Mckenna .