Nullsec PvP Corporation Recruiting Pilots (Indy with teeth and PvP)

Vitriolic Animosity is back! Kasken has been returned to me and my old corporation is back, alive, and kicking along with my alliance Diplomatic Immunity. Come fly with a relaxed group of entertaining people rebuilding to our old glory and beyond…



  • Microphone / Voice Comms
  • 20m+ SP (exceptions can be made)
  • Mature attitude
  • Desire to help / work with others
  • Content generators greatly appreciated
  • Different culture than many groups in Eve
  • Some PvP focus (indy folks are fine who want to engage in some PvP as well)
  • EU / US (slightly more slanted US but building both)

ingame Pub channel: “Vitri Pub”
Discord: Heartcarver#1296 (it’s always on even at work but cant always do voice)

I want a change. The goal of Vitri is a mature, non toxic environment containing folks who enjoy logging in, and do so for more than just rage pings. I want PvP with a purpose, where we have goals, objectives, and a reason other than just pretty explosions (which are also fun). This will be a RL first alliance, but still semi serious in the sense that we will work to accomplish alliance goals. As I am alliance executor I look at Vitri as the flagship corp setting the standards for rest of DIP.

Eve is stupid boring now - it’s all about “safety first” mentality OSHA would approve of… let’s return to Eve’s roots. Small scrappy groups fighting for their right to exist.

That being said, I’m not fussed about KB efficiency, just login and have fun.

Want to know more about Vitri / DIP and our story… Check out the blog I write about DIP / Vitri

The Kasken Kronicles


  • Recruiting PvP Pilots to a PvP Corp
  • SOV Holding (No renting)
  • LF Mature PvP or Industrials with Teeth interested in helping to grow a smaller alliance
  • PvP for a purpose
  • Fly with an FC who isn’t terrified of losing a ship on occasion and who will go for it
  • “FC, can I bring my drake” - We do occasionally answer yes!
  • Steadily growing decent group of guys who want a change in Eve and it’s politics
  • Non toxic, laid back, have fun corp / alliance with full alliance service suite running
  • Currently living in Querious with seven SOV systems we own building our numbers and ability.
  • Hailing the lobster overlords is awesome

Contact us Today!

3 jumps out from neuts, plenty of ratters within easy reach and you can go poke a titan if you fancy. The alliance has a number of very experienced FCs and now is a great time to make your mark as a PVPer.

Fight the blob!

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Good group of guys. Little to no drama. Just log on and have fun.

One of the best groups I have flow with.

ingame Pub channel: “Vitri Pub” - Come chat with us!

Come sit with the cool guys. Have some fun with Eve again.

About to move to our new digs. Want to know where? Hit us up on VITRI Public. Better rats, better moons, better PvP. Now is the time to get in on the fun.

Moving going well. Nice space, you should come join us.

Looking for additional pilots

Bump Bump Bump - Still looking for quality pilots

Looking to expand the ranks a bit!

Good time to get into the alliance at the start!

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Come have a chat with us in the VITRI PUB in game channel. Don’t be scared of the requirements listed above. We are a fun bunch who is looking to grow our lobster gang a bit more. We have several alliance services(JF / Auth / TS / Discord) and a strong active core across the alliance. Even if we are not the right fit for you. We probably know someone and can help guide you to a better fit. Don’t get trapped into just another hi-sec / renter group who is looking to rip you off. Come actually learn about eve and living in null-sec.

Just getting settled into our new home. Looking for pilots who want to share in the fun of Eve without the drama.
Come talk to us in VITRI PUB and see if we’re a fit for you.

Great bunch of players - come join!

LF PvP pilots or some indy dudes with some teeth behind them

Don’t worry about your kb, just have fun, shoot stuff. The right way o7

This is a fun region - always something going on. Come join us!

Bump Bump - The group is settled and we are building our ranks again. Focused on 0.0 PVP.

Lots of roams with experienced FC’s - constant fights in Period Basis to be had!

Bump Bump Bump - We are actively recruiting. Come hang out in our channel and chat with us.