Vitriolic Animosity is back and actively recruiting PVP focused pilots

Vitriolic Animosity is Back folks! and active again with a growing alliance base Diplomatic Immunity.


  • Microphone / Voice Comms
  • 10m+ SP (exceptions can be made)
  • Mature attitude
  • Desire to help / work with others
  • Content generators greatly appreciated we are a growing alliance a great opportunity
  • Lobsters we love lobsters
  • Some PvP focus (indy folks are fine who want to engage in some PvP as well)
  • EU / US (slightly more slanted US but building both)

We are looking for more like minded predominently PVP focused pilots to come fly with us and continue to grow into an epic entity. We need more experienced lobsterlords and lordlings to come share the fun that is EVE. We have several alliance services(JF / Auth / TS / Discord) and a strong active core across the alliance. Even if we are not the right fit for you. We probably know someone and can help guide you to a better fit. Don’t get trapped into just another hi-sec / renter group who is looking to rip you off. Come actually learn about eve and living in null-sec.

As a background of where we’ve come to so far : We are getting folks in fleets and have more and more pilots to do things with. We started in low sec with a high sec industry base for those inclined, built up a bit, and are now out in Null with our own SOV, currently out in Period Basis as part of the Red Menace Coalition. Knowing some Russian is a bonus as you’ll come and find else plenty of opportunities to learn.

Come visit the alliance founders views on The Kasken Kronicles

Don’t hesitate to jump into the in game channel “VITRI PUB”

Happy to be contacted on Discord Shopai#3157 (may not have voice all the time)



  • Recruiting PvP Pilots to a PvP Corp
  • SOV Holding (No renting) as part of Red Menace Coalition
  • LF Mature PvP or Industrials with Teeth interested in helping to grow a smaller alliance
  • PvP for a purpose
  • Fly with an FC who isn’t terrified of losing a ship on occasion and who will go for it
  • “FC, can I bring my drake” - We do occasionally answer no but you can use mine!
  • Steadily growing decent group of guys who want a change in Eve and it’s politics
  • Non toxic, laid back, have fun corp / alliance with full alliance service suite running
  • Currently living in Period Basis with seven SOV systems we own building our numbers and ability.
  • Hailing the lobster overlords is awesome

Still in need of more to expand the lobster empire. Come fly with us.

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