New Tutorial Feedback/Comments

(ISD Athechu) #1

This is a discussion thread so feel free to make comments about what others are saying this isn’t just here to post suggestions***

Now that we have a new tutorial time for a new thread about it.

Lets set some ground rules

  • This is a topic to post here about your feedback about the new tutorial system.
  • Keep the discussions civil and not blown out of proportion.
  • This is NOT a place to bash New rookies or any players who have questions or suggestions about how to improve the tutorials.
  • Remember negative feedback is good but make sure it’s constructive otherwise it’s counterproductive to just say “They suck” need to give more then that.

If you have questions feel free to post them here or mail them to me if (or another ISD) if you would like.

Discussion Questions: What do you think about the new tutorials? What is confusing about them? What could use improvement? What are the strengths? Weaknesses?

Please don’t go making other threads about the tutorials and how they can be improved as that is also counterproductive. Those will be locked and directed to this thread.

This is a discussion thread so feel free to make comments about what others are saying this isn’t just here to post suggestions***

Resources for the New Citizen!
(ISD Max Trix) #2

Marked for Updating.

(Kristin Sabrioski) #3

There is a mission within the tutorial where you have to slow burn for 100-150km. While I do think it’s nice to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the ambiance… Maybe we could add random encounters during the burn, or even introduce micro-warp drives. Anyway just a thought :slight_smile:

(Sabine Boirelle) #5

The Drifter Hive tutorial is good. It provides direction on the very basics of how the game functions and what the UI means. Aura is a handy companion and does clarify the ends and means of gameplay. My problem is her abrupt departure at the beginning of the Career Agent segment. It seems that she should continue to guide new players through potential career paths, not only illustrating immediate goals, but where players to take those activities in the future (like the naval parade scene with the Drifter gate key). If you choose industry, what does it mean you can build? Planetary colonies, citadels, etc? If you choose exploration, what can she tell us about wormholes, Drifters, etc? Being coached by a friendly AI on long term goals would be a big motivator in getting players invested, I think.

Also the opening voiceovers are good, but they can be a bit long winded. Just for future reference.

I tried the game in 2012 but thanks to Microsoft I can no longer access my old character. It turns out that starting from scratch was better, this process made getting back into the game much easier than I remember.

(Boldly Gone) #6

As just stated by another user in another topic, it’s quite surprising for Newbies that guns need ammo, while the civillian gatlin gun just shoots “normal”. A hint for those playing the tutorial may be appropriate.

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #7

I noticed this too when I tried the tutorial. There were a number of things that were like, “this isn’t how the actual game is played.” Isn’t the point of a tutorial to show how the game is played?

Another example is that the tutorial tells you that you fit your ships by clicking on a module in your inventory and choosing “fit to active ship” without ever even opening the fitting window. I can’t imagine that anyone actually fits ships this way.

(Boldly Gone) #8

That’s right, I’ve always chosen “unfit ship” if I wanted to change one item, that was kinda cumbersome. Eventually someone in the chat showed me “alt+f”.
What I never used after the Tut was “redeem item”, which seemed to be very important.

(Mike Azariah) #9

A reminder, folks, that there is also Rookie Help Channel that opens for the first 30 days. There are ISD and veteran players in there to help and answer any questions, including the tutorial ones.


(Boldly Gone) #10

Don’t worry, as a rookie I just have had about 10-15 sources to get into the game.
The channel was the quickest way, but you have to have a clear problem put in 2 lines of text. Reading the answers to other people’s problems there sometimes solved my issues too.
In my very first days of eve, I watched hours of youtube footage to get answers to questions I didn’t even think of. I even read articles by international press about spectacular events/battles taken place in New Eden.
Another help was a vet business channel I was invited to were I got answers to strategic questions.
And of course Google showed me the way to multiple forums and blogs, some newbie blogs by ccp are quite entertaining and enlightening.
Perhaps they should add to the tutorial: “Ask google.”

(Blade Darth) #11

I kinda dig the new tutorial.


Voice is superb.

A tutorial. I don’t remeber Eve having one before.

Gets players introduced of the idea of ships being “ammo” and perma-loss.

Includes the basics. Warp, shoot, orbit, loot, activate prop mod, rotate camera.


Web an enemy ship. Seriously? I know web is imba for pve but at least include a text message about it not preventing players from running away.

Includes only the basics. I’d like to see tips on login screen or in the message neocom from Aura. Like “check out this and this article about tracking”. “the undock button is the pvp button”. “beware of scams!” and so on.

(Yuuichiro Machida) #12

Coming back into EVE after about a good 10 year hiatus i wasnt feeling the new tutorial with the sleepers. infact there were a few occasions where i got stuck and had to relog because i looted all the wrecks by pure habit instead of going by the tutorial order. It was extremely frustrating having to deal with that as i mostly logged in just to train some skills up in my queue and come back later. That being said the tutorial didnt touch upon a few important aspects i remember from my previous time in eve like using different ammo for different engagements… nor did it really touch upon damage types in general or proper cap/power/cpu management. That said it was a solid crash course for the Alphas since they cant really access alot of features in the game to my understanding. (i upgraded immediately so i dont know what restrictions the alphas have) There could be improvements made to the tutorial but it did cover some of the basics.

(Arcadia Kent) #13

As a new player (August 3 with no previous experience) the tutorial is good to a point. It certainly helps to guide me along because the game’s user interface is not intuitive. So I normally can make it through the missions by doing everything twice. But I have been stuck on a mission with the ironic name of “Starting Simple” which wants me to bring home 20,000 Banidine from a place called Sobaseki; I have been to Sobaseki many times and have never found any Banidine. I asked about it in help chat, and they suggested buying 20,000 Banidine in the market. I would have given up and done that but I couldn’t find any Banidine in the markets of Sobaseki or Amsen. They also told me not to skip any missions because the rewards are good. BTW is the rookie chat only good for 30 days? Given the complexity of this game, I think 300 days might be more appropriate. Anyway, I have searched the asteroid belts of Sobaseki and can’t find Banidine anywhere. I’ve also been told this mission sets up a little pocket of space just for me, but there is no link or pathway there, at least not that I can find. So can anyone tell me where I can get my hands on 20,000 Banidine?

(radkid10) #14

I recommend getting rid of some of the filler like the forward operating base part

(Cardinal War-Richte) #15

I’ve just completed the tutorial and found it pretty good in general however:

  1. The tutorial should always direct the player to use the ‘normal’ game commands for
    navigation, not the those within the tutorial.

  2. Navigation around Eve should be a key component of the tutorial. In fact, navigation should be the first tutorial.

  3. I’m aware that many of the suggestions in the tutorial would never be performed by a seasoned Eve player. For example, several youtube articles say NEVER use autopilot yet that is the main method used in the tutorial for getting from A to B.

I suggest CCP pay some expert players to develop advanced tutorials.

(ISD Stall) #16

Hi there,

You’re only in Rookie Help for until your account reaches 30 days. You’re able to use our other help channels such as the English Help channel, Russian and German help channels. To access the English Help channel, press F12 and click the ‘Join Channel’ button.

You’re able to be in the normal help channels indefinitely.

(GRIMM) #17

I am a little confused when doing tutorials…I was given a merlin and told to fit an armour repairer but when i clicked ship info it says i have a bonus to shield resistances…why does it tell me to fit an armour repairer?

(ISD Stall) #18

I don’t really know why. The tutorial tells everyone to use the armour repair module but in reality the Merlin is shield.

(Cat Evergreen) #19

As someone trying to help Rookies, I see people struggeling with the tutorial quite often. Sometimes reseting the tutorial like described here helps, but to improve my knowledge and to see the latest changes to the tutorial, I decided to record different ways to run the tutorial. My first video was supposed to be the “do only what told to do” approach, which should get me through it without getting stuck.
Unfortunatly that didn’t work. Even when doing exactly what told and nothing else, the tutorial can get stuck. Here you can see what got me stuck:
After destroying the last warp bubble I waited to warp out until I was told to. But my ship got destroyed and the orders changed to get a new ship (which included being told to open the inventory). I did this and the orders switched back to docking at HQ and getting the redeemable ships, followed by opening the inventory (which did not trigger, since the inventory was already open).
Resetting the tutorial didn’t work either at this point.

It is still way to easy to get stuck in the tutorial.
Please do another pass on it and try to have Aura recognize things that you did before being told to.
Alternative idea: Allow to restart the tutorial from scratch (resetting your char basically).

(ISD Stall) #20

Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your issues within the tutorial. Could you please send me an eve mail in game with a break down on the bugs that you encountered, and any ERB# from bug reports that you filed?

Edit: an approximate date and time (Eve Time) would be helpful as well.

(Cat Evergreen) #21

I will try to do some more testing next sunday (I deleted the char, as I never intended to do anything with it).
But basically almost every step Aura tells you to do can be done before she tells you and then you are stuck. Sometimes the reset thing works, sometimes not.

In just one hour hanging out in Rookie Help chat today at least 3 people mananged to get themselfs stuck in the tutorial. And I really hope they managed to get through it with some support ticket writing, because I’d hate to see people leave the game.

EDIT: I did some more tests today and could not reproduce the problem. I managed to mess up the tutorial at multiple points, but also always managed to recover (by repeating the task or resetting to last point) any time.
It seems the tutorial is more robust than one could think when listening to newbro problems, but it actually can be difficult to see how you can recover if you barely know what you where supposed to do in the first place.