Feedback & Suggestion, from new player experience

(take all that with a sense of humour so please no ban, think it through)

Look, im gonna give you a CONSTRUCTIVE feedback:

I’ll start with the: THE TUTORIAL SUCK **** TO BALLS DEPTHS!! It’s worse than in ANY game that i have EVER met! (please dont ban me yet guys :smiley: so listen)
Number one ! : It should highlight(or arrow) you the places where you should click in order to make the task included in it, not like “click the big blue button to warp”, player will never use the “big blue button” again after he/she finnishes the tutorial.
Number 2: Please guys, don’t start the tutorial with a fight. Better to teach a player how to put weapon or miner in the fitting in the first place!
Number 3: The gaps between the aura’s dialogs are waaay to long and have too much unnecessary sentences that serves pretty much nothing. She tells you things like “ohhh you dumb***, have you woken up allready??”
Number 4: Combine some of the aspects of Career Path into tutorial, like: earn the miner from the wreckage, then fit it and use it.
Number 5: Absolute basics of selling and buying items Maybe, cmon? Why is it not covered?!
Number 6: Show player what a teamfight is, not like he is 1 against 10, it can be intimidating for a new player (like the aura is not intimidating and boring allready) Teamfights is where the game shines !
Number 7: the UI is still like from 90’s in the graphics, this game is old but the game doesn’t have to become an old grumpy ugly prick.
Number 8: Add the tab in the menu labeled: CONTROLS, remove the “shortcuts” and invert zoom option should be included in there. In my opinion the zoom direction is reversed by default and it’s annoying, i dunno, maybe it’s just me?
Number 9: Tutorial should include ANY basics on ship attributes, CAPACITOR, cpu, damage resistance and maybe other stats at work.
Number 10: Maybe the name of " EVE Technology and s**ts " category on the forum should be just changed to Suggestions & Feedback, so that other players like me can find it easier and booo your goddamn bad tutorial more easily (just a humour reasons, no ban please) Every feedback, good or bad is just good feedback :wink:
Number 11: Add some fog smudges and maybe tiny asteroid remains graphics that are static in space (or moving slightly) so that we have more parallax effect, for us to be more oriented about speeds and movement, not like: “i don’t know if my ship is moving or is it standing still” atm.

Does your advertising makes any sense if 90% of new players bounce off at the start?

EVE is not THAT HELL of a complicated in the basics. It’s not just me being me.

AND NOW where’s my 15$ amazon free gift card?

Good to see “some things never change”.
NPE sucked when first added and seems nothing has changed and probably never will as the people managing it, just don’t look at it from a new player point of view.
About a year ago, after yet another update to the NPE I started a new account to try it out. Completing the tutorial left me wondering - Who T F is stealing wages from CCP to manage this shite.

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WELL, if they want to increase player database they should increase new players retention :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, because really the tutorial is the game’s worst advertisement ever.

It’s not about me actually, it’s for their good (CCP and newbies). And i’m about to bring two friends to eve, and i’ll feel sorry for what they will have to go through and i’ll be like “I’m sorry michael, i’m so sorry michael, you can do it michael, stay strong”

Probably i’m gonna sould like i’m a therapist or paramedic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Math being behind it for CCP is pretty easy:
More new players retention = more population = more popularity = more money :money_mouth_face: ka ching

So it’s in they’re buisiness to do the job right. Not mine, i’m like “Say a few times: it’s gonna be allright micheal” and isn’t his buisness neither, “The Michael” can just go play different game and be like: “who gives a crap about excel game from late 90’s??”

Ohh and UI and context menus could get a bit of renovation, like the Right-click context menu in the overview could look more like this:

you know, like damn visually convenient, half transparent, looking nice. I guess that old players would probably enjoy it aswell and i also hope that CCP’s intentions for this game is for players to not suffer, or maybe at least partially not :roll_eyes:

I get that game is old, ok, but it still doesn’t have to look like Norton Commander, aight?
Like: More Modern.

  1. Well, at least some missions (i.e. the SOE epic arc) will still use the big blue button, but yeah, this is a good point. Probably better to teach players how they would normally warp around.
  2. Disagree. I hate it when games start you off with a bunch of boring stuff. I’d much rather start off with some game play. Of course, I prefer it when tutorial levels introduce you to mechanics/controls organically, instead of using dialogue boxes. But whatever.
  3. Not my cup of tea either, but some people like lore/dialogue/story/character stuff.
  4. Yeah, I think it’s because they designed the NPE to supplement the career agents, rather than replace them. I personally feel like they should have done the latter, but here we are.
  5. Good point. Not sure why they don’t teach players about the market.
  6. Not exactly sure what you mean.
  7. I’m sure the UI could be improved, but I don’t think it looks bad either. In fact, I could care less about updating the looks, because I’d rather have more customization (i.e. the ability to reposition all the crap in the top left corner and more control over where I can place the capacitor donut).
  8. Not sure what you mean. I’d have to log in. But yeah, I feel like zoom is reversed by default myself.
  9. Once again, not sure why they don’t teach anything about fitting. Maybe it’s because they decided it would be easier to make straight up tutorial videos.
  10. I think you actually wanted to post in the Player Feedback and Ideas section. :slight_smile:
  11. I don’t how I feel about that.

Yeah, Eve’s tutorial isn’t exactly a master class in video game tutorials.

BTW, new players might like that big ass context menu, but I guarantee you that many vets would hate it. Screen real estate is at a premium in Eve online. As such, I greatly appreciate the tiny “selected item” window.

Anyway, welcome to Eve. You already seem bitter, so you should fit right in.

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  1. Actually it doesn’t have to be a generic boring tutorial. But most players come to eve thinking about it at least kind of as a shooter, “right click to kill” feels dull, adding at least one EWAR to the tutorial and absolute basics of capacitor management would BE A WHOOOOLE another level of fun. And look nr 3"
  2. Well i actually agree on it, i like dialogues personally (but not allways). What i learned with administrating clans and servers: "If you want people to read it! (like the RULES CHAPTER) avoiding TL;DR attitude you HAVE to make reading it a REWARD ITSELF. Like the rule chapter has to be written in clear, short and interesting way. Same to what perfect tutorial should be, it should be a reward itself (experiencing it) to listen to aura and read what she has to say to you. Like not when she makes gaps between lines, and i’m like, “Oh Aura, don’t bother to not waste my time, i have trillions of spare hours in my lifetime, take a 20 deep breaths” Instead i’m like: “Why do you aura say one sentence and then i wait 5 seconds for next line for box to close and reopen, to show your blue face again, i wanna play spaceships allready! i’m actively waiting just staring at this box”, and then she speaks out to says that “we’re all gonna die”. usally i enjoy the storylines in the games, but not this one.
  1. i mean that you should get engaged in some npc vs ncp fight
  2. Well, agree, like the inventory separators maybe would do the job right, agree on the second one, i tried to put my locked targets in the right bottom corner of the screen and it didn’t work. The UI does not look strictly bad, just looks outdated, not like somemething you would expect to be the thing of future. Minor graphic changes would do the job, and having slightly highlited boarders of the active window that your cursor is currently pointed at would be awesome to have a better look on your windows and orient yourself.
  1. I meant that players’ intuition says to look for the tab named “CONTROLS” in the menu, but it’s not there. :man_shrugging:
  2. Never seen any video tutorial ccp made.
  1. Well i’m not like this is any “must have” thing, but maybe at least the tutorial should take place somewhere around asteroid ring or in ship graveyard so players don’t feel like they are in the middle of the ocean not knowing what direction they are moving.

It’s not even close masterclass, it’s a trash can in a game of that depth.

So it should be configurable in the menu maybe, but the new design being new default? Yes, the vets would not enjoy bigger window icons for sure.

YAAAYYYY! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :innocent:
It’s actually that i have a big dose of black humour by nature :slight_smile:

You know what they say, the black humour is like the baby falling out the window, not everyone catches it :slight_smile:

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…and you can call me a complainer (that i rather am) but i would like point out that this comment under MandaloreGaming’s review:

Has 1,5k of thumbs up and is top rated comment.

I’ll just hijack this for a little bug:

This line has been showing up for a few days now when I am on the forums and looking at the mouse cursor it should open some kind of page that shows me updated topics … but it does not. Regardless of how I click that line it does nothing.

Just my understanding based on experience so not guaranteed it is accurate: When there are new replies in a thread you are subbed to then at the top of the forums will be a unread(x) main entry or similar where ‘X’ shows how many threads have new replies, while the line you show on the screenshot I think is a notification for posts that have been edited instead of actual new replies.

I am not entirely sure but that seems the case though could be wrong.

In the past it might have worked differently not sure and that notification might even had a link to the same page as the one at the top about unread threads but now it is either changed or glitched though might not remember correctly but that’s how I seem to recall.

Also I think there is a dedicated forum feedback section or thread, maybe worth posting there.

You had to bump this after 3 months of inactivity why?

Ask that from the previous poster instead, I was just replying to his post. :wink:

Ah, I have him blocked and it shown the 3 month later above your comment.

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That would be a different message and it would show above the blue line with the “XXX Unread” badge next to Latest and New. This blue line is something else.

You do realize that this is the Forum Feedback and Request forum. There is nothing like that in this “Forum Feedback and Requests” forum that I could post in, as this is literally the only still accessible feedback topic in the forum about Forum Feedback and Requests. :smiley: As you see, all but 7 topics in the forum are locked. :smiley: Henceforth, and just to screw Geo up, I posted this here because it is a feedback topic instead of creating yet another feedback topic, which would then anger Shipwreck more. :smiley:

I am going to unearth this topic again because it might as well be used for collected forum feedback by now.


Today in the morning, I was greeted with this. 4 replies to a post of mine. Or many different posts. If I click on this line, I land on supposedly the last (or the first, I don’t know) reply of the 4 replies. There is no way to use this line to go to the other 3 replies. I had to open my Activities and search through my yesterday’s posts to find the other 3 replies. This is not exactly ideal if you ask me.

This line should either cycle you through the replies that it combines, or such a reply combination should only happen on a per post basis so that you can load each post that some replied to easily.

The interesting thing is that the “2 Replies…” notification for a watched topic actually puts me on the first post in the combined list and I can start reading from the top of the new posts without scrolling first. That’s good and it shows that the forum software does know what is first and last.


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