A new tutorial

The tutorial deceives you to some degree by making it seem that a frigate could kill all those ships by itself. It makes you think that there are really not going to be any problems and that small ships can punch up much more than they can. leading to the idea that pvp would be easy. Then we lose half of the new players due to them losing a ship. So my idea to fix it would be to have a frigate be what kills you in the tutorial and say that it is a player owned ship. Therefore making it appernt that you can lose to things bigger or smaller ships.

@Mike_Azariah as your the newbro helper of the csm what do you think?

I would go with ‘a better fit ship’ over player owned. OR 'a ship fit to the purpose.



The whole reason I put player owned is to make it clear that the other ships were npc ships not as well fit as they could have been

I need to see some evidence that this is the reason any new players are leaving


I highly doubt that losing a ship to npcs in the tutorial is driving them away

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There are a lot of problems with the tutorial, not least unnecessary vulgarity (one might try attracting early teens), excessive nonsense when Aura witters away in dialogue with other computer characters, ridiculous constraints - Aura goes into a huff and you cannot continue until you close the inventory window every time - and above all flashing buttons and dialogue boxes that utterly kill performance.

It is the latter that would have made me quit on Day One if I were a genuine new player instead of someone starting a new alt character, because I would assume that was what normal gameplay would be like, instead of realising it was tolerably less laggy once all the damned blue highlighting had gone away and Aura was reduced to laconic “Warping to station” statements…

I agree with the OP only so far as it has always been a nonsense in these tutorials / NPE, even back to when I started some years ago, that the new player takes on major enemy ships which blow up after a few blasts from a corvette, but it never fooled me into thinking that was the norm. I do not think that simply losing a ship in an evidently scripted tutorial in itself has any bearing on retention.

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its not npcs its when they get killed by a player for the first time as most npcs can be killed with ease at the beginning though players in a frigate killing a new player that’s in destroyer

@Mindahouf_Davaham I wouldn’t call that “deceive”. It’s a tutorial, it’s supposed to show you a few basic things then it’s up to you to expand upon the bits of knowledge it gives you.

What I do rebuke the tutorial for is not mentioning anything about PvP while EVE is mainly about PvP. But the new player’s ship does get exploded and his clone does get destroyed and from that, hopefully, the new player can extrapolate and know that ships go boom in EVE and the adverts for EVE do mention PvP so if the new player has a few neurons working he can at least imagine that if NPCs can blow him to kingdom come then a player can do even better.

Do you have any hard data to support that claim?
I posit that most new players quit when they realize that the real game is in Omega subscription after they read somewhere that EVE is “free”.
CCP should remove the idea of a “free” EVE so that new players can expect to pay for it and not be surprised when they find out that the Alpha accounts are seriously lacking.
I said it before and will say it again: Get Rid of Alpha Clones.

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The tutorial is fine in it’s content, but what is not ok is the amount of people who got stuck in the tutorial because of a bug

For some playstyles, certainly. Not true as a generality despite the claims made in these fora…

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Where in EVE is one safe from other players?

Not the same thing as claiming it is “mainly about PVP”. Very different. Other players may pose a potential risk to someone like me, but rarely pose an actual risk as I bimble about playing the game in the manner I enjoy.

In my world, a risk is a risk, potential or otherwise.
PvP doesn’t mean maybe or perhaps, it means Player versus Player, always and everywhere.

The tutorial nowadays is amazing compared to the tutorials of yester-decades. I learned to play in 2007, you whippersnappers today can figure it out I’m sure.


Your basic claim that Eve is “mainly PVP” remains false, no matter how much you wriggle.

You can believe that EVE is PvE or Single-player, it doesn’t make any difference to me.

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Considering the market is pvp. Selling items, pvp, undocking can lead to pvp. The very fact that except for abyssal and setting up pi planets, pvp can happen anytime anywhere


You’re wriggling too, Geo!

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I am flexible and do yoga every day so