New player intro tutorial, absolutely awful, no wonder EvE isn't able to gain new players. Disgraceful how this was signed off

So… I’ll keep this brief…ish, I’m a returning player from 2007 and I’ve played this game on and off like the weather, mainly due to work commitments. I like to troll a lot and moan, I moan because I care for this game.

Fast forward to today, as a returning player (clinging on to hope), I fired the game up, refreshed myself with all my assets, and then… I was lost; not knowing what to do mainly due to co-players having since gone on the long AFK probably for the sames reasons… Anydwho, someone suggested creating a new account and start a fresh so that’s exactly what I’ve done.

So, I started to create a new account. There was some difficulties with the client launcher where I had to solve around 10 re-captchas to signup, I’m not on a VPN. So the first hurdle was a BORING struggle.

Finally, I’m in the game, chosen a women character as standard and chosen the career as an industrialist and hit “CREATE!”.

AURA finally greets me, with a changed voice but all is good she still sounds great, I start of in some PVP encounter in deadspace as part of a tutorial, I’m being explained through the overview UI. Ships are exploding and I’m being hand help through a storyline and told to approach some ships, we then warp all is good. I’m curious, what all this is about…

We come out of warp and the camera moves around in a cinematic way trying to show off ships and textures (skins), this is where it goes down hill. Let me say, EVE is NOT a cinematic game, it’s a tactical strategic game. The game looks absolutely awful with these close ups in the tutorials, I’m running an Intel i9 with a 3080 TI and the graphics and game performance is awful, especially when coming out of warp. I feel a lot of new players would instantly be turned off by this, CCP you’re better off just showing the tactical view instead.

This is the view you get without moving the mouse…

I’m told to target these red dots in the space while I’m in some kind of cinematic view, the game play feels awkward, a clash of game view perspectives, I’m confused, why am i being told to shoot these multiple pirates (a process that has taken 5 minutes up in the tutorial that could be used instead to show off what important things like players, markets, industrialism etc). I want to mine, trade, the game intro feels like one of those in-browser Facebook games that you try out then quit a few minutes later.

All the above images are AUTO cinematic views, no mouse movements. It’s beggars belief how CCP thinks this is OK for a game of this calibre, do they really think these tutorials show off what eve is?? and any new person will pay £15 for this a month??

Anyway, back to tutorial I am now blown up, and re-appear in a station (as part of the tutorial), no explanation about clones or any of that, I’m then instructed to board a ship and pick a weapon out of my item hanger… no explanation of the markets or where to buy ships and item or how any of that works.

At this point as a new player, I’m totally confused about what this game is, are we on a multiplayer game here? Where has this ship come from? where do i buy stuff? where are the players? where is the interaction? To make it worse, the immersion is totally thrown off when the american accents come in, the tutorial has so many accents making the game feel even more cheap along with the poor graphics, poor explanations and no real example about what eve is. Not even been told about mining, industry markets or anything at this point and already want to turn it off.

What a poor introduction to such a great game, I’ll say it again… no markets, no mining, no human interaction, game feels like a cheap 90s single player game nothing MMO about it, what a state.

Would love to see the new player retention rate, I bet it’s poor, to make it worse, CCP try and bribe you with isk when you leave the game. Such a cheap feel. Bribing me with isk before I even know what it is, not even seen the market at this point or told what isk is for. CCP, tutorials are more than showing people how to blow things up or trying to show of cinematic views in hope that the user might buy a skin … it’s your opportunity to make a sale and sell the GAME… What makes EVE even EVE?? You’re doing quite the opposite IMO.


TLDR; The game throws you through some boring, unexciting, visually awkward, confusing tutorial, enough to give a false representation of what eve is for a signup to quit before they even know. CCP, product owners sort out your QA, CEO, sort out your product owners, jesus.

I actually enjoyed it. can’t cater to everyone all at the same time I’m afraid.


You’re told to shoot those pirates because

  1. they’re pirates
  2. they just blew up the station you were in
  3. they are attacking the friendly NPCs that are helping you evacuate

I mean, the context was pretty clear to me when I did it.

Oh no, a cinematic camera rather than having a stationary zoomed out camera far enough away that your ship is a pixel in space like your normal EVE gameplay would involve?

I don’t really see why you would complain about that?

You get an explanation about markets and buying stuff a little later in the tutorial. If you were a new player rather than a returning player, the pace might have been better for you perhaps, but it seems you’re a bit impatient?

You will be told about mining, industry and anything in the second part of the tutorial, but if you’re an impatient returning player who already knows all that there is a setting to skip the tutorial. Seems like that setting is made for you?


The image isnt a bribe. There are daily log in rewards and if you dont claim it when logging in, it gives you an option upon logging off.

Take off your rose colored 2007 lenses and forget all you knew about eve, and really pay attention to the details and messages given to you.

Then come back.


yeah its ■■■■

The graphics updates would like a word with you. Are you really complaining because things in this game look good?

I’m running AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 1.70 GHz with 4.00 GB (3.61 GB usable) and I think the game looks great. The performance can be a bit clunky on my system, but it’s not the worst I’ve seen and should be no problem on your system. I’ve been able to see max graphics through twitch and I think the game looks even greaterer.


So you didn’t watch the intro video before the tutorial began and feel like you weren’t told something important?


So you skipped the intro video, ignored the text of the tutorial, hate that there are good graphics and somehow see yourself as a new player in 2022 even though you’ve been playing since 2007? Am I missing something here?
Not only are your questions answered in the intro video and resulting tutorial, but then there are career agents that further teach you parts of this game. Then you have rookie help chat, which you are forced into, as well as being able to interact with anyone in the game to learn what you might think you’re missing. On top of that there are hundreds of videos on youtube and twitch. The last step should be the eve forums.


Some systems are having an issue with the DX12 graphics.

Try clicking the gear icon in the EVE launcher, Game Client tab on left, and unclick “run with DX12” option. See if that makes any difference to the graphics and performance.


All I got from this was that you didn’t do 80% of the tutorial and complained about it not teaching you things. Then you didn’t play attention to the 20% you did do and so didn’t understand what was happening. Then you decided to run into the forums and make a whiny post about it. Yeah, you’ll fit right in here.


I couldn’t tell.

I like the tutorial. I hope they extend it beyond the mining mission and finding the cryptobox.


Probably due to download on demand. It’s lagy because game waits for your internet to downloads assets. If you are so big masochist. In launcher settings (cogwheel in top right corner) check “Downloads full EVE online client” and restart client.

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:sweat_smile: You should be banned for that.

Indeed, if you pay for something you’re entitled to whine. Look m8, the online user trend is in a free fall atm and I’m just trying to highlight, these tutorials are bad, If the users do get past the 10 re-captcha requests because CCP probably embedded a signup page in an electron app, i doubt 70% of signups will get passed the first stage of the tutorial before they uninstall to be quite honest. Lets get real for a minute and look at the big picture, eve is finally dying because CCP cannot replace the unsubs count with newsub count.

Yest I know it’s end of summer, but come end of year let me just say, it’s squeaky bum time for CCP when their stats don’t line up with the previous year.

CCP Rattati and Hilmar have great plans to revitalize EVE so this is just unfounded rumors and fear mongering. Get with the program.

Same story for past decade, tell me something new. Walking in stations?

I’d probably not waste my time to serious reply to this clown.


I find the new tutorial really great and very cinematic, CCP did a great job in this.


I can’t speak on the tutorial as the last time I did one I was supposed to build a perpetual motion machine or something.

I can, however, speak on your attitude.

It looks like you started with a conclusion and then logged in with a new character to selectively dig for evidence to prove it. Well… either that or you are just up to your old tricks in which case I’ll say well done. You definitely got the replies you were fishing for.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Which is why they have been reported for a lifetime ban.

I was talking with a friend about this yesterday, so many people come here to the forums to complain and rubbish the work ccp does on every level.

they still log on every day though I bet,to the game that’s so bad, and horrible lol.


The tutorial is fine. The career agents, on the other hand, need some work.