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I’ve been trying to play this game for a few days. So far, apart from wonderful graphics, the game is absolute nightmare. No tutorial showed up (as everybody says it would), there is no information whatsoever how to play this game. I’ve got stuck with stupid code probe launcher, which is supposed to be in cargo hold to activate some gate, but it would fit in the ship but not into the hold. Can anybody know a website or youtube tutorial that actually shows step by step how to do very basic things, like what to click to get things done. Nothing is self explanatory here, and tutorials show bunch of self-absorbed players who show off how good they are, but don’t want to help new players.

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you are in the tutorial once you start the game… you should start in a corvette of the race you picked.

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Hmmm , have you chosen to skip the tutorial when you started the game by accident ?
You have that option when you start the game and create a new character .

If you go to your starting system, you can ask in local chat for the new player help channel.

I don’t know the exact name of the channel, but someone will link it for you.

Many people in there will be able to help you more effectively since they will be in game with you.

This game is insanely complicated, and you basically need someone to help you every step of the way.

This complexity provides amazing options for creative gameplay in so many areas once you get the hang of things.

Aceface has some great videos about getting started in the game too. This one is all about the tutorial.

How to start EVE Online: Part 1 - Tutorial - YouTube

PS, you don’t need to watch the one hour video straight through. There is a table of contents in the video description so you can jump around to the parts you want.


New players will automatically join the rookie help channel, they cannot leave the first 30 days.

Ask questions there @XMorph2021 , that chat is really useful for any questions you have as new player.


Tone doesn’t always come across the best in text, so let me state unequivocally that I’m not trying to be a dick here when I say, I’m not sure Eve is the right game for you. If the tutorial is causing you this much frustration, then you’re probably not going to care for adversity that gets sent your way after you leave the starter systems.

However, if you are determined to continue, let me give you a few tips:

  • Youtube is your friend
  • Playing Eve solo is playing Eve on hard mode. Look for a good corp. Make some friends -this is coming from an introvert.
  • Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose
  • Your success is determined by your brains, attitude, and determination
  • and…

Oh, and don’t listen to the bitter vets.

Oh, you might also find this discord useful.


very common problem for newbies (me included) I CANT SCAN DOWN THE ANOMAWY! fun fact you can reposition your probes to get better scan resolution and get the 100% thing faster

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Honestly speaking: This game is designed to kick out Old and New players. Hope you survive.:slightly_smiling_face:


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