New player experience

Ive been playing for about 2 days now. What a let down, air career missions as a tutorial dont teach the player how to play. Or dont work at all (exploration 3 of 5). A constant barrage of advertising for products i dont understand sprinkled with Fomo “only 24hours left” deals for products i dont understandcuz ive been playing for 45 minutes, and various important systems that just have no explanation at all like how the market works.

This game looks like it could be cool, but most of my time spent is walking face first into another unexplained system with not so much as a text box to tell me how it works or what its for.

A pitiful introduction to a nearly 20 year old game, youd think youd have it figure out by now.
Also funny event happened, GM kronos tried to talk to me, but i though he was a scammer so i deleted his messages and tried to block him. He sent me an email as a follow up with rewards that i also though was a scam link and promptly deleted without checking. Other players told me he was real after the fact, but it was kind of funny.
Sorry Kronos i didnt mean to be rude.

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EVE is a 21-year-old game. Every single question you could ever have about EVE, there are at least 100 instructional Youtube videos for. Go watch one on scanning and exploration.

The tutorial should teach new players how to play, i shouldnt need a yt video to play starter missions.

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Can’t help those who won’t help themselves. Don’t know what else to tell you. All the rest of us manage to get along just fine…


I think thats all i need to know. Thanks.

There are a ton of short videos in the help section of the agency, which the tutorial should have pointed you to when introducing the career agents. There is also a rookie chat where further questions can be asked and answered by vets, volunteers, and GMs alike.

I think there is a misunderstanding, im not saying i need help. Im saying the new player experience is bad. All you’re doing is pointing me to out of game yt videos as tutorials that should exist in the game. I think my experience in the game and here in the forums has shown me enough to know better. Thanks for the feedback.

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I didn’t point to out of game videos. I was pointing to resources IN the game. But if you want to be stubborn, closed minded, and unwilling to engage with the game…go right ahead.


There are tutorial videos in-game. And we aren’t going to attempt to explain something as in-depth as scanning and exploration in Rookie Help chat. If we had to do that for every new player, chat would be flooded with nothing but that. Would you rather watch a 5-minute video, or have us type out 10-pages of instructions in chat every few minutes?


Genuine question: have you played a sandbox game before? You know, like Minecraft?

Almost all of them rely on player knowledge and social interactions outside of the game to learn how to play. None have a complete tutorial explaining the mechanics.

I think your expectations were very high, and I am sorry the tutorial did not meet them. However, many people here are going to find them unreasonably high, so you’re likely to find little sympathy for this particular kind of feedback. Much of the game is putting in effort to take risks to discover mechanics yourself the hard way, or find resources or friends to tell you…


There is an ingame video to explain the scanning basics that you can find in the help section of the Agency window.

While I usually prefer written explanations, it really helps to watch a video for this activity.

I am a new player myself. This game does not hold your hand and guide you through the process of understanding things. First there is literally to much for any one tutorial to tell you everything about New Eden. This game is about being a self starter and taking an imitative to learning what is you want do in game.

As an example. I want to mine and do a little exploring on the side. So I am learning as much as I can about exploring and have a ship I earned in game that can accomplish my learning how to do that without overwhelming myself.

I have my own goals and know that i need a lot more skills to get good.

However there is HALO corp. To name one teachy/learny Corp for new players. They hold regular classes and workshops on just about everything. Even have a mentoring program as well. The only reason I am not there myself. I am stubborn and hard headed. So accept the fact that I am doing it the hard way. As usual with me in a new game. But I do watch the youtube videos. And do listen to those that have been here longer. Using critical thinking skills to know what is doable for me and what is not.

Eve is huge with a lots of things happening all at once. Whether two corps war decing each other or Mike Magic School Bus doing giveaways. Add the myriad of things that people are doing at any point in time. It can be a bit overwhelming.

Understand this is a sandbox game that requires you to be for the most part a self starter and willing to make mistakes. Learn from them and continue on.

My suggestion is to take it one session at a time. Figure out just what you want to do. The first level mission are by design quite vanilla and shows you how to navigate in a system and how to use the jump gates. Showing along the way how to lock a target and shooting.

After almost a month, i think. I have four ships mostly outfitted to do the various things in game. From shooting things to mining to exploring. Though i do switch component’s around. I am still dirt poor with a little over 21 million Isk. But I make do. Mine and watch the market. Sell ore and minerals. Which ever one is up at the moment.

The learning curve is steep and there always something to learn. Even vets of the game do not always know every topic well.


^ This. If there was a Prima guide for EVE, it would be as big as the New York City phone book.


I made one of the vids BECAUSE I was tired oftyping the way to do Exploration 3 of 5

Laziness on my part, I suppose



This one never gets old! :laughing:

But to be fair to the op. There is a LOT. and I mean a LOT more info out there today than there was when a lot of us started playing. I started in 08 and there were already bitter old vets. There was no NPE at all and we had to learn a hard game the hard way. That was the attraction back then. Now it’s a game for the lazy with CC’s who whine it’s too hard. Hence the low numbers these days.

I recently picked up a new game and watched a couple of hrs of vids on it so when I started, I hit the ground running and knew what to attempt. I would simply suggest the op do the same. Best of luck!


I was told about this game by a friend and close neighbor. So I was fortunate to have a hands on instructor present, otherwise I would have been lost in the tutorial introduction myself. Most new players do come here and rookie chat, and ask the same 20 questions over and over.

How do I get out of my ship and walk in the station? Just like I saw on the cool ads on YouTube.
How do I fly my ship with WASD keys and set my display to first person cockpit mode?
How do I speed up mining or get it done faster?
Where can I make ISK fast? (or they just beg for it) I need a better ship, I keep getting blown up.
… and it just goes on and on.

We all have the answers and a lot of the time it is never a popular one. When I am hanging out in rookie chat, I try my best to hit them with one line answers, but most of the time it takes one on one chat. Inviting them to private chat, to avoid the chaos, will often result in them rejecting your invite. Sending them a mail message will work sometimes, but they probably will not notice it right away. As a result of all this madness, I resort to suggesting YouTube as @QuakeGod did above.

In response to that, I will tell you now; If you don’t want to put forth the effort to learn, then you never wanted to play this game. Sci-fi games and movies have a low appeal to me, but I put in the effort and here I am still playing this game almost one full year now. You said, you played for 2 days now, Rome wasn’t built in a day, I think it took the Italians at least a month.

Many expert players on YouTube have made entire video tutorial series dedicated to just doing the 45 career missions. Others have done ship builds, PvP, PvE, mining, and marketing. There is too much information to fit within the game ( unless you want the download to be hundreds of times larger ) just to make a clear tutorial on how to play.

Take my advice and have fun!


Why does this pic…

…remind me of this pic?

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Maybe because of the left-facing cliff that people fall down from?


Yea. I also think of the warriors who yell
“No prisoners!”
“No mercy!!”
Very fitting for EvE, no?

They try, but they never get as good as videos and (even better) guiding corpmates.
I remember watching Youtube for the exploration career agent as well. So in fact the agent taught me to use Google and Youtube if you need additional help, which is an important lesson.
Many players don’t like the effort - better for those who learned it well, because exploration is a good income for new players:

  • You don’t need a big ship (expensive in ISK and Skillpoints)
  • There’s only few skills which need some attention
  • You become better by doing it regularly
  • Even a pacifist who is bored by mining can have challenging fun and income

So get used to external research in EVE, and you will enjoy the open world of New Eden.