As new player, it was the worst experience into a game i ever had

First of all, i like the game but it do not like me then …
I play around +15 days, watch 100h of videos about it in many subjects to understand everything.

i am 46 years old and i play video game since 6, so i am not a kid and i really like to invest myself into universe, guild, craft… i simply, resign today.

i hope GM and DEVS will look at this message to understand why new players have no chance in this game. No chance at all. And will not stay. My friend resign yesterday and 2 of our friends resign in less than 5 days 1 month ago.

The tutorial “career agents” are good to get some small amount of money, but for the understanding of this complex universe career agents are useless as a dick on a pope.

Musics of the game are in loop and play only 4 to 5 musics since 11 days. I have to use the PLAYER into internet to have more musics, and honestly, you can do way better.

Jump, Warp, jump, warp, 500 times per day is not interesting, time consuming it is not a jump / warp simulator. Honestly clone are a good idea to move faster but 1 times per day is a pure joke and i can’t bear more jump gate and loose 50% of my playtime if not more into this.

you do not give us the knowledge to understand properly the game. Even my stuff is lvl 2 it is not mean i can do mission lvl 2. Some just eradicated me in 2 seconds. Why, i will never know. I was doing sister of eve, LVL 1 mission with a well developed SKYBREAKER and i was OS at the entrance of the mission. Nice.

And this is exactly what i hate into any video game in history, where is the warning ?
Why 1 mission before i was killing the enemies like they was not there and the next one i am OS at the entrance ? For a game who definitely destroy your ship and equipment, super nice.
I came back 46 jump away and never go again to SOE.

**Is that so complicated to send us a message like : **
"Your shield and Ships are too low for this missions, enter at your own risk ?"

INSURANCE what the hell ? 700k for a ship who cost 200 millions are you f*cking kidding me ?
what the point. Are you aware if your house burn, your insurance will cover the house and the furniture inside ? It is ridiculous and stupid, because the way to keep your new players is HERE. Insure for the cost of the full ships + modules + … and if you die you loose the loot and that"s all. If your pod is destroyed ok you loose more

Super cruiser end game ship who are OS the new players in loop at some HIGH sec like ORSIS III , and you loose 200 millions in a blink, you do not even know what happen

Missions rewards are ridiculous. Loyalty point are so low to farm that’s the agent will be lvl 3 when i can’t afford a ship to do the missions … super… and if i am killed in the process i can’t play any more.

I decide to write this message because i was on the website of an ISK seller close to buy 10 billions and say to myself “what the point ?” Even i have money i do not have any more will to do it.
Your game and the gameplay system into it destroy my will to play it. I will not farm a faction or a place 30000h for a ship or something i can loose in 0.3 second. That’s stupid.

i have more than 70 days left on my account, i will never came back to use them.
I regret wasting my time and my money. I will not advice any of my friends to play this game the normal way.

So to be simple, you have a very beautiful game, the mechanics are old but strong. The customization is awesome. The Commerce and economics are even more complex than wall street and get us the possibility to do almost anything. OK - BUT - we can’t as new players. We can’t even understand the basics for us who are not the same basics for you.

If only it will have a place where pvp was forbidden like 1/4 of the galaxy and a real learning curve about every aspect of the game it will be incredible, but as now 07 2021, it is a mess into a wormhole hiding behind a galaxy. And this is way way too complex too much time consuming and way too hard to progress properly. How is it possible to progress when you win 10 and you loose 20 and need to spend 40 ? And all that into a maze of information.

Just a simple example, where did you find BPO’s ? Good luck to find this information on internet or even into the game because 3000 tutorials about how to create stuff but nothing about how to find the BP.
i do not care about BPC’S i want BPO. and apparently i will never get them because i did not find the information about it. it cost me almost 24h irl to go to the fact: "fck that, too complicated to find any real information about that, i will do other things" It made me angry because i craft in any video game in history. Is that too complicated AGAIN to say : You get BPO here ! Or simply in any BPC add an icon saying : To get this original BP you need to : “do that, go there, event … anything” but NO
buy the copy’s at the market sorry but : NO. If these masters are so valuable, why the f
ck did you not explain properly where they are and how to get them ? IT IS IN ANY MMO GAME IN HISTORY !

It is a video game not a real world job and to understand at minimum 40% of the game it takes me more time than i have played the game, what the hell.

*eve online was for me the worst experience i ever had into any video game in history. *
i am honestly happy to resign, it is like throwing a bag of bricks who was strapped into my back.

i honestly do not care about loosing billions, i can afford them. My point is not here.
There is not point to play a game just to re-buy the same stuff over and over or farm 25000h to loose it and redo it again. This is the definition of insanity! Something is very wrong with this game.

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The game is outrageously complicated, which rewards long term learning and player experimentation.

It’s also much better and worlds different if you play with friends. RvB and EvEUni are two great Alliances that teach new players. The tutorials are okay, but they don’t point you to friends, you gotta make those and explore with them on your own.

Look in the recruitment section for new player friendly corps.

Haha! A video!

PS, That ship is super advanced, maybe start with a t1 cruiser instead.


Sad to hear you had such a first impression as new player. EVE is indeed complicated, but if you put in some effort you can have a lot of fun!

By the way, have you tried using the rookie help chat channel?

Any question you have can be asked there and in my experience there are always people answering questions.

Everything you do once you undock is at your own risk. It wouldn’t make much sense to put that as a warning because where one player can do it in a frigate, another might mess up and die in a battleship.

The EVE universe is big. If you don’t want to travel much as part of your playtime, I recommend you find a nice place in the universe where you can do a lot of things locally. And pick an activity that does not travel a lot, such as mining. Explorers and haulers travel a lot!

There are many nice soundtracks in EVE but yes, they repeat often. And as those soundtracks are based on your area of space, you won’t hear the low sec or wormhole tracks if you stay in high sec.


Rather than pointing out what you did (and obviously didn’t know it was wrong) I would urge you to use your remaining 70 days and bite the bullet. This game has more to offer than just about anything else out there if you succeed.

Steep learning curve and all that is of course true. So what @Moriar_theChosen and @Gerard_Amatin suggest, to join a corp, to use rookie help channel, are not superfluous luxuries, but almost necessities. (e.g., we would have told you to stay away from the Skybreaker in hisec because … explanation of reasons). That the game is unforgiving is true, but only unforgiving for mistakes the player makes. Knowing what the mistakes are is about half of our steep learning curve.

… don’t. Will get you into real trouble.

market, alt-R (bpc’s in Contracts)

when you type “eve online bpo” in google it already suggests “locations”. Go with that and it’s quite literally the first answer you get: Originals (BPO) can be found on the market in the Blueprints section, sold by NPC sellers. Copies (BPC) cannot be sold on the market, but can be sold through contracts. Copies are either created by players from BPOs, bought from Loyalty Point stores, or dropped by NPCs in the case of some rare ships & modules.Aug 21, 2017

Eve is not a solo learning experience, it’s too complicated for that. That’s why we have help channels, and the rookie help channel in particular.


Sounds like EVE just isn’t for you. There are many other new players that are doing just fine…



Thanks for leaving. Please don’t come back.


If you’re only 15 or so days into the game why are you buying 200mil ships?? :thinking:

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I was once new, and I made it. So the problem isn’t that new players have no chance. The problem was that you, in fact, did not know what you were doing, and that you tried to microtransaction your way to success. And when that didn’t work, you got frustrated and quit.

Now, you could really use some fitting help, but I don’t have the time, and I doubt you’re going to read it. So, here’s a short list of advice that you really could have used. Probably too late now. But maybe it might help someone else who reads this.

  • You cannot microtransation your way to success in Eve.
  • Do no fly what you can’t afford to lose.
  • It is your brains, attitude, and determination that will determine your success in Eve.
  • Always get back up, no matter what.
  • Failing to understand why you lost a ship is a bigger loss than the ship itself.
  • There is no shame in asking for help.

Oh, and you might think that you’re doing people a favor by telling them to stay away from Eve, but you’re not. Just because you couldn’t hack it, doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t enjoy it. In fact, if you have one once of integrity, you’ll tell them the truth -that you tried to microtransaction your way to success, and got frustrated and quit when that didn’t work.

Alright, I could go on, but I’ve got to run.
No P2W




He got Concordokken? Guess Skybreaker is one of those new ships which do chain damage, right? So his weapon hit what it shouldn’t have hit and Concord sent him back to his pod… even ignoring the dubious fitting (cough double tank cough), spending 220 million ISK right at the beginning looks like an attempt to wallet warrioring his way unto the game.

It didn’t work. Like when I lost my first Megatron in my first Lvl 3, or when (nearly two years later) lost my first Apocalypse Navy right into its first mission, back when the Apo Navy was the wrath of god in EVE and 1.2 bilion for it was a massive price tag for a mission running ship with T2 modules.

EVE is not a game for everyone. Certainly it isn’t (so far) a game which one can just throw money at it and get a big “I Win” button.

Even less when a noob manages to get himself Concordokken in a expensive but poorly fit ship… :pensive:


15 years old, still applies. Specially if you shoot a can.


Of course it is a SICO member…

I guess he still needs to learn to make sure his safety is set properly. If his safety was green the arc damage will not jump to a target that is not a valid target for him.

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Sorry to say this but TIME is the real separator in EVE, it stops every fight including everyone on the server. It gives advantages to fast ships and disadvantages slow, powerful ships.

It stops you instantly calling your friends to save you and allows clever plays.

Of course this is not really important when you start out and at first jumping feels boring. I would recommend moving to an area that contains a range of activities you wish to do so you don’t have to move too much.

Be aware that the areas around the trade hubs are also the areas that many other players choose and almost none of them have your best interests at heart, many will see you as a competitor or target.

Also only fly what you can afford to replace.


Almost stopped reading here … as a credit card warrior, trying to short cut the learning curve, you will fail in EvE. Proven again and again.

Common sense should tell you, if you have no clue, try cheap and disposable. You could have thrown like 100 cheap destroyers at this mission instead of a very expensive super special faction ship. You learn EvE by trial and error.

But you need the openness to learn and figure things out, not much CCP can do about.


Is that a scam from Sico? I mean to tell newbies to set safety to red is malicious. There are actually only two reasons to have something else than yellow or green, suicide ganking in highsec, shooting pods illegally in lowsec (including being logistic for repping those who do). In every other situation red is more dangerous (highsec) or pointless (nullsec).

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Re-reading the OP, it seems I missed some details and feel like I was too soft and helpful in my previous post.

OP wanted to fund hacking and botting by buying money from RMT websites:

As he already has a substantial amount of ISK to buy a 200m ship, I wonder if he got that the legitimate (PLEX) way or also from the ‘ISK seller’.

And he tried to buy his success in EVE in expensive ships rather than go through the process of trial and error the normal (cheap) way in free frigates and destroyers from the tutorial:

And he subsequently lost said expensive ship (with newbie fittings, I mean, armour repairer on a Skybreaker?) to a basic mistake that is red safety settings in high sec.

I’ve seen many newbies lose ships to a missing understanding of safety settings, but those players lost cheap ships, replaced it and laughed about it. There is a good reason newbies are flying cheap frigates and destroyers as those are easy to replace.

If OP wants to instead buy his success in EVE, inevitably makes the same mistakes a common newbie makes and then complains that losing his expensive RMTed ship makes him stop enjoying the game, I’m glad he’s about to leave the game.



This is your true problem.

There is only one way you are flying a skybreaker 15 days in, and that is if you bought the character, or dropped tons of money on isk and bought skill injectors etc.

EVE is a very complex game. And yes the tutorials are underwhelming. Although to be fair I’m not sure you could make any tutorials that people would actually go through that could delve into the complexity of the game adequately.

EVE rewards patience. Unlike most MMO’s the SP you have and the gear you can obtain are not nearly as important as the actual experience you gain by playing the game.

Whatever idea you got that the skybreaker was a good first ship to skill into was flawed.

Yes it actually is. The biggest reason is that “it depends”

As an example, I have run Level 4 missions in a frigate. Yes a frigate. It is not time efficient, but you can do it with enough piloting skill. There is no way a firgate “has enough shields” to do level 4’s except if you know how to pilot and sig/speed tank the room.

Just one example of the complexity of this game, that you have to learn on your own. And you can’t buy your way into that knowledge.

TLDR: EVE is not a game where a whale can buy the skill the game requires.

BTW I’m 49 so not some young punk. I started eve 10 years ago and am still learning the game. It’s part of the reason I’m still around.


I get the feeling there is even more to the story than RMT, because flying a Skybreaker in highsec with safety red is nothing else than suicide. No “uninstructed” newbie would do that.

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I still think it is pretty simple. If you want to “buy” your way into EVE you are doomed to fail.

There are plenty of Stormbreaker in Abyssal sites videos out there, which if watched by someone who doesn’t understand the game might seem like a good idea out of the gate.

OP, if you are capable of handling the tough love in the thread and get this far, I highly recommend forgetting 99% of what you think you know about this game, and seek out a corporation with a reputation for giving new players a solid foundation from which to begin the game. And build your bootstraps from there. Eve University being the first example that comes to mind.

Others have already said, this is a big no-no. Even if it were allowed – it isn’t – and even if it was culturally acceptable by your capsuleer peers – it isn’t – you will never ever gain the feeling of “if my ship and pod blew up right in this moment, I’d still be OK because I know how to hustle and get this stuff by my own wits playing the game”. That feeling is a significant step to keeping up with the game through its highs and lows and how EvE retains players.


you are clearly not the right player for this game then, I have been player for exactly 2 months now and I have not had most of the the issue you had. Sure losing my first destroyer to diamond rats sucked, but if you really understand the game spirit you start being paranoid about your more expensive assets.

I agree that insurance is pretty useless though, at least for cheaper ships 90% of the value comes from modules.